New for 2021 from Benelli. Benelli Nova Speed – New Pump Shotgun for IPSC and Dynamic Shooting.

Benelli Supernova is a well known shotgun. It is used for many purposes from hunting to practical shooting. It has interesting construction and some unique features. It has both advantages and disadvantages. New shotgun is made for dynamic sports like IPSC and 3-Gun.

Technical Information:

12 Gauge, 76 mm Magnum

Barrel 61/65 centimeters (24/26 inches)

WEIGHT: 3300 g.


Cardboard box: Choke tube and key kit, bend variation kit, user manual and spare parts, Ben oil.

Benelli Nova Speed

There is no much info about this shotgun yet. There are rumors that it is based on the Benelli M3. It has aluminum receiever and one shell latch.

Short forend and short action bars for quick follow up shots.

There is light gathering front sight and flip-up rear site like on Benelli M2 shotgun:

Has extended 10-shot magazine tube and magazine/barrel clamp.

Loading port extended for Load-2 and Load-4 techniques:

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