Remington Shotguns 870, 11-87, 1100 Trigger Spring Kit

If you own a Remington 870, Remington 11-87, or Remington 1100, and you want better accuracy when shooting slugs, then you will want to upgrade your weapon’s factory sear spring with the lighter spring. You can read about Remington factory sear springs available in previous review: Remington 870 Sear Springs (Light Pull, Standard, Police (Heavy))

Let’s talk about the new kit from M*CARBO. This kit consists of a coil sear spring which is custom designed to reduce the 5.5-pound factory weight of the trigger pull to a low 3.5 pounds. Because of this low weight in the trigger pull, it will be good for a competition shooting or when shooting slugs.

Remington 870 Trigger Group
Remington 870 Trigger Group

The coil sear spring included in this kit is made from a music wire called ASTM A228, which is the best quality steel around. When compared to the factory sear spring that comes with most Remington shotguns, the spring in this kit is much lighter and allows the trigger pull to be more easier to pull. I tested it on the range and really liked it. It feels like rifle when shooting slugs.

The trigger spring kit is compatible with all three types of Remington shotguns that were mentioned: 1100, 870, and 11-87. All you need to do is disassemble your shotgun and remove the current factory sear spring from the trigger mechanism. Next, just replace it with the coil sear spring from the trigger spring kit and then reassemble everything back together. In addition, you can use the kit with some other Remington rimfire rifle models as well, such as the 552 and 572. But it is most commonly used with the three Remington shotguns. Here is vide to help you replace the sear spring in Remington 870 shotgun:

The price of the trigger spring kit is $12.95 and can be purchased right on the manufacturer’s website. The price of a light sear spring from Remington is $6.99. M*CARBO is the company that makes this trigger spring kit. Once you place your order on their website, they will ship the kit out to you on the very same day. Plus, each order comes with their 100% lifetime guarantee. This means if you’re not satisfied with the kit, you can either exchange it for another one or you can receive a refund on it. M*CARBO has thoroughly tested the spring kit with various ammunition brands and the results have shown the spring to be safe and reliable while it’s being used. Best of all, the spring is made in the United States to ensure that it’s top quality.

Remington 870 Sear Spring
Remington 870 Sear Spring

M*CARBO is a business owned and operated by combat veterans. They take pride in the firearm parts and components that they manufacture to ensure they perform to the best of their ability. Who would know better about the importance of having a reliable weapon?

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    If you swap-out/upgrade original 870 parts you void the lifetime Remington warranty. Worth it?


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