If you own a Remington 870, Remington 11-87, or Remington 1100, and you want better accuracy when shooting slugs, then you will want to upgrade your weapon’s factory sear spring with the lighter spring. You can read about Remington factory sear springs available in previous review: Remington 870 Sear Springs (Light Pull, Standard, Police (Heavy))

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You can get more reliability out of your Remington 870 shotgun if you upgrade its carrier dog spring, or sometimes called the carrier latch spring. Sometimes you will find that your shotgun has feeding problems which will make it unreliable when shooting it. But if you were to use a heavier carrier dog spring then it will fix these feeding problems and improve the gun’s reliability at the same time. The spring does this by lifting the next round of ammunition after it comes out of the magazine tube. If the rounds don’t get lifted properly then you won’t be able to keep shooting your weapon. This could put you at risk if you’re in a situation where you need to defend yourself. That is why Remington 870 Police shotguns are the most reliable because they use the best carrier dog springs. If you want to put one of these springs in your Remington 870 then you can get it from model 1100, part number F16966. This is the exact carrier dog spring used in the police version of the Remington 870, but the spring is also compatible with other Remington 870 versions.

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Zebra62 shared very important information about Remington 870 Magazine Spring on Remington 870 Forum:

“OK, so I called Remington this morning.

According to the rep I spoke with, the springs WILL lose tension if left compressed for an exteded period of time longer than three or four months. In my case it has only been two months. The rep seemed to be very knowledgable and experienced claiming to have been an armorer in the Army and running into this problem many times. I have no reason to doubt his claim. His recommendation was to load only four or five rounds into the magazine when stored to prevent excess compression of the spring. He also recommended to at least cycle all six rounds through the shotgun a couple times a month I can’t get out to the range and then leave the magazine empty for a day before reloading. He explained his typical fix when he was in the Army was to stretch the spring back out the way I did last Saturday.

I will take his advice and see how it goes a couple more months down the road.”

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We use Benelli Supernova shotguns in our club. That is very good shotgun for competitions. It is reliable and enables you to load it fast.

We have found out that hammer spring and hammer spring cap should be replaced after 5000-10000 of rounds due to light primer strikes. This problem was found on two shotguns.

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The Remington 870 is a pump action shotgun model that is one of the best in the world. There are many different versions of the Remington 870 and each version is made for different purposes. The Remington 870 Police version is based off the Remington 870 Express model. The Express was always considered an important shotgun in the sporting, home defense and recreational shooting market. But despite the cosmetic differences of the various Remington 870 shotguns, they all have very similar parts inside of them. The Remington 870 Police uses the same platform as the 870 Express because they are both suitable for the streets and tactical use. However the functionality of the 870 Police version is superior to that of any other Remington 870 version.

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I receive lots of e-mails from Remington 870 owners. Many of them ask questions about upgrades or need advice about repair.

So, what is the common problem of new Remingto 870 Express shotguns? It is broken ejector spring or ejector itself. And the worst thing is that sometimes it is pretty difficult to repair it.

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Remington 870 Firing Pin Retaining Pin emoval is one of the procedures which you need to do to replace broken firing pin or firing pin retractor spring.

Firing pin or Firing pin retractor spring replacement is needed if they are broken. Inspect them every time you clean your shotgun.

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VANG COMP 870/1100 CARRIER PIVOT SLAVE PIN (Sliver Bullet) by Vang Comp Systems

Silver Bullet for Remington 870/1100 is very useful and inexpensive tool. It simplifies replacement of a Carrier Latch Spring. Carrier latch spring upgrade is highly recommended for improved reliability of Remington 870 feeding.

Silver bullet makes assembly of the trigger plate much easier.

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