I really like Bore Tech Shotgun Blend and decided to try another product by Bore Tech – Shotgun Jag

Bore Tech - Shotgun Jags

Bore Tech – Shotgun Jags

Bore Tech shotgun jag is very handy to reach inside the shotgun barrel and clean all the debris and residue out of it. I use solvent and brush to scrub the barrel and then I use jag to clean the everything out. You can attach any patch or cloth you have to it.

These patch jags have solid nylon tips with flexible fingers around them. All you have to do is push the jag into the barrel so that the fingers rub against the interior walls of it. The more you push the jag into the barrel, the better its cleaning performance will be. The only additional accessory you’ll need is a cleaning rod for shotguns. The jag attaches to the end of the cleaning rod and then you stick the rod into the barrel with the jag end going in first. It doesn’t get any easier than that

You can purchase Bore Tech Shotgun Jags for 12-gauge shotguns or 20-gauge shotguns. The brand and model of the shotgun do not really matter when using these jags. You just have to make sure you’re using a jag that is compatible with the caliber of your weapon. Each jag for the 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotgun is $7.49.

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