The Froglube CLP is an interesting cleaner, lubricant, and preservative. It is fairly new, but has already become a very popular gun oil. The Froglube was developed by a retired Navy Seal.

The main difference with this gun oil is its non-toxic formula and smell. It is not a chemical smell, but rather a very natural peppermint and wintergreen smell. The smell is stronger than the smell of the
Breakfree CLP oil. I like the Breakfree CLP for in-house use because it has a very light smell.
It is made of frogs as you can read from its name… just kidding! There are rumors that it’s made of coconut oil with some additions, but these are just rumors.

What is really important is that it is safe when Froglube gets onto your skin. It is safe for you and it is environment-friendly.

I bought a kit with the CLP paste, CLP liquid, and a microfiber. The paste is thick but melts when applied to a hot metal. The paste is easier for coating surfaces, while the liquid is better for cleaning. However, they both work great. Use a microfiber towel to remove excess Froglube, otherwise, it will attract dirt and dust.

Froglube CLP Liquid and Paste

Froglube CLP Liquid and Paste

It was a very interesting experience to try Froglube because it is very different than other gun lubricants.

First of all, it is a CLP and not a solvent, so it cleans shotguns pretty well but not as well as specialized solvents like Shooter’s Choice Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner. I think that Froglube solvent will do the cleaning better. But I like simple solutions and CLPs because you don’t need to remove the aggressive solvent after cleaning the weapon.

Froglube CLP won’t dissolve copper, lead, or plastic but it will make it easier to remove them from a shotgun’s barrel. But it also means that this CLP is safe for the plastic and wooden parts of your firearm.

How to clean your shotgun using Froglube CLP

Remove the gun oil which you used previously. Use a degreaser to remove it completely for the best results.

Use a hairdryer or a heat gun to warm the metal parts of the gun (until hot to the touch) and then apply Froglube to the metal parts of your shotgun. The lube will soak into the pores of the warm metal. Let it absorb. Work the moving parts to be sure that oil has covered all the parts. Then you need to remove excess Froglube CLP.

Remember that you need to remove Froglube with the included microfiber towel completely after the application. If you leave excess Froglube, then it will attract dust and dirt.
Use liquid Froglube for the barrel. Use it like any other gun oil; there are no special instructions. You can simply apply it by using a patch soaked with Froglube. Then, use the bronze or nylon brush to clean the barrel. Use patch to remove the dirt and then apply some Froglube again.

Froglube CLP Liquid and Paste

Froglube CLP Liquid and Paste

Froglube CLP Advantages

Froglube CLP is a very good lubricant and the action becomes really smooth. Another advantage is a non-toxic Froglube formula. It is safe for you, your children, and animals. You can even apply it using your hands without gloves. But I don’t recommend doing it because the fouling and dirt inside of the gun are toxic.

You can apply Froglube to your pocket folding knife, for example. You can use it to cut food without being afraid that synthetic oil will get onto the food. It will even moisturize your hands as a bonus :)

Froglube CLP Disadvantages

Froglube CLP is pretty expensive. It is more expensive than many other gun oils. I shoot a lot and clean my shotguns regularly, so I am not sure that I want to spend extra money on Froglube. Also, you need to warm the metal parts for the best effect which is not always easy to do (at a shooting range for example). You can apply it to the cold parts but it won’t be as effective.

What needs to be tested more

I’ve heard that Froglube doesn’t work properly during extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. I made a small test by freezing a small amount of Froglube (-15 degrees Celsius/5 degrees Fahrenheit). And, I also heated a small amount with a hair dryer. As a result, low temperatures make it thicker but if you don’t have an excess amount of the Froglube on parts of your gun, then it will not cause a problem. Heating makes it a liquid, but only if you put a lot of it on the gun. If there is a thin layer of the Froglube on the gun, the high temperature won’t affect it.

I will continue testing Froglube during extreme cold and hot weather conditions and will update this review if I have additional information.


It is good to have non-toxic CLP. Froglube is different from other gun oils and will definitely find its fans. It cleans and lubricates guns very well, so I can recommend it. But the price is pretty high, so you need to decide for yourself if you are ready to pay more money for it.