Shotgun ownership requires you to perform maintenance and cleaning on your weapon every so often. If you use your shotgun frequently then a lot of lead particles and residue are going to build up inside the barrel. If you don’t clean these residue particles out then it could affect the overall functionality of the weapon. So you need to periodically take it upon yourself to clean the bore in order to preserve the life of your weapon.

Hoppe's Boresnake for Shotguns

What is Shotgun BORESNAKE?

One of the ways to thoroughly clean the inside of the barrel is to use a BoreSnake. This particular gun cleaning product is manufactured by a company that specializes in gun cleaning named “Hoppe’s” Their BoreSnake product is a super fast bore cleaner that only requires you to pass the “snake” through the bore several times to clean it. You could literally loosen the large residue particles inside of the bore pulling it just 5 time. To use the BoreSnake, you first have to make sure that all of the shotgun’s ammunition is emptied from the chamber and the magazine tube. Then you stick the BoreSnake into the empty chamber and let the smaller end slide right out of the barrel. After that, just pull on the cord and watch the fatter end of the BoreSnake make its way through the bore. Hoppe’s boresnake has built in phosphor bronze brush and braided floss scrub to clean and oil the bore.

Hoppe's Boresnake for Shotguns

The are also versions for pistols and rifles as well. The snake itself is made out of woven cotton floss which makes it very easy to attract particles to it. The BoreSnake has a cleaning area that is 160 times greater than a standard cleaning patch. Each BoreSnake is manufactured for a specific bore size. This ensures the BoreSnake will fit the bore of your shotgun and give it the best cleaning possible. And since it is made of cotton, the cord can be washed and then reused again and again. The price of the BoreSnake varies depending on the gauge size it is being used on. But you should expect to pay between $10 and $50 in most cases.

It is very handy when you need to clean your shotgun but doesn’t have time or tools to disassemble your shotgun. You can do it almost anywhere.

I tried doing it on the shooting range after training and the end result was be a bore that shines and looks newer than ever.

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