Ghost ring sights are basically thin iron rings that are installed on top of most submachine guns and combat shotguns. There are no optical or laser sights used in this case. It is just a ring that the shooter looks through in order to align their target through the middle of the ring. There is also a thick post in front of the ring so you can aim at your target more precisely.

Ghost rings are the perfect sights to have if you want to remain discrete in your targeting. It is truly a clever way to attack your target by surprise, which comes in handy when hunting or in war type situations.

Ghost Ring Sights for Remington 870 From Spitfire Armory
Ghost Ring Sights for Remington 870 From Spitfire Armory

Ghost rings might seem like a primitive invention, but it is actually a more recent innovation because of its discretion and affordability. If you shop online or at your favorite gun store then you can purchase ghost rings for less than $150. Most ghost rings for shotguns are between $100 and $150. Just make sure you purchase the ghost ring that is compatible with your particular type of firearm because they are all made for different models. Any experienced gun owner should know how to install them, but if you are a novice then your local gun shop should offer a ghost ring installation service.

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