Some of you may have seen your grandfather or older shooters lick their finger and touch the bead sight on their shotgun. Why was this done? There are many explanations and Hollywood has created some of the reasons but the one that makes the most sense is that the moisture puts a little shine on the sight. Some might say they do not need a shine and may need the sight blackened with a smudge pot as some used to do. It simply proves that everyone has his or her own techniques and style. The soot from the smudge was flat black and did not give off any reflection. In other words absolutely no glare. If the color of the front bead is the same as your target you may have a hard time distinguishing the two so on occasion you may need a contrast for better accuracy.

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I decided to try the EasyHit light gathering sight on my Benelli Supernova shotgun because I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about it. Champion EasyHit can be attached to Remington 870 or any other shotgun which has vent rib.

Good sight is extremely important because you use it every time you shoulder a shotgun. There are a lot of sights you can choose for the vented rib barrel. There are magnetic sights, and sights that you attach using a screw or adhesive strip.

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Thanks to Tommy Geraci, one of the blog readers for making this review!


Williams Gun Sight Co. has a variety of sights for shotgun, rifle and handgun platforms. I will begin this review with the W.G.S. Co. Ace In The Hole fiber optic ghost ring with an integrated 1913 picatinny rail for the Remington 870 shotgun. The Ace In The Hole is designed for drilled and tapped receivers. This ensures a rock solid fit which further helps to maintain a constant zero. Gunsmithing is required to drill and tap the receiver unless the Remington 870 has already been drilled and tapped. Ensure that the screws included will work with a previously drilled and tapped receiver by calling Williams Gun Sight Co. and asking them directly.

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