Even the most experienced shooters realize that recoil can change the way they shoot. Some shooters will develop a flinch because of the expected recoil, which reduces accuracy and can cause the butt to slam into the shoulder instead of allowing the entire body to absorb the recoil. Low recoil loads are not always an option because of the reduced range and impact. Another option is a recoil reducing stock.

Speedfeed Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock for Remington 870

Speedfeed Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock for Remington 870

The SpeedFeed model TAC IV is such a stock, the straight-line stock enhances recoil control and it can be used to stop the flinch that some shooters develop. The SpeedFeed TAC IV model line has stocks for various shotguns. The stocks are made of poly-resin, which means they are impervious to water and do not chip or crack. The stock comes with a pistol grip to help with muzzle lift, and target discipline. Each stock is fitted with an energy absorbing molded rubber recoil pad. The butt stock also has shell storage. The stocks are usually sold with a forearm so it is considered a set.

Shooters that have purchased the TAC IV models have indicated they are tough, easy to install and pleasing to the eye. Many have given the TAC IV line five star ratings. They purchased the stocks for hunting, competition shooting, home defense/tactical and target practice.

The stocks bolt right on without the need for shims and many indicate there is a significant reduction in recoil.

When purchasing the stocks people have stated they did not realize the stock also came with a forearm.
How well a stock fits the shoulder has much to do with how you absorb the recoil. Some shooters say that a heavier stock will absorb recoil better and this is true but heavier is not always better particularly when it comes to balance and having to carry the weapon for long periods.

The SpeedFeed TAC IV stock is ideal for shorter shooters and for shooters wearing heavy body armor because of the length of pull. Shooters have stated they can fire Magnums shells from their 12-gauge shotguns and can now tolerate the recoil whereas before they could not using Magnum shells.

With the recoil reducing, stock you can go back to standard sized loads if you had to use low recoil rounds because of the recoil. The stock is ideal for home defense weapons where there is more than one person in the home that may need to use the weapon. This does away with the need of having more than one weapon such as a 20-gauge for smaller shooters.

Shooters have indicated the pistol grip is more comfortable and they notice less hand fatigue when firing for long periods. Trigger control is important when firing any firearm and maintaining a firm grip with your shooting hand is important. Many new shooters will notice that with their finger inside the trigger guard their thumb cannot grip as well. This is because the thumb and forefinger work together, and having a grip for the thumb to wrap around helps with trigger control.

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Speedfeed Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock for Remington 870

Speedfeed Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock for Remington 870

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