Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul

Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul

Remington now offers Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul listed on their website. It comes with Magpul SGA stock and MOE forend. Looks very good:

Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul
Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul


Tried and true 870 receiver milled from solid steel
18.5″ barrel with extended tactical choke tube
Receiver and barrel features tough, weather resistant Cerakote coating
One piece magazine tube
Fully adjustable XS Ghost Ring Sight rain with removable white bead front sight
SGA Magpul stock
Spacer system for length of pull adjustment
Cheek risers for use with optics/raised sights
MOE fore-end with improved grip ergonomics
SuperCell™ pad reduces felt recoil by over 50%

Vitaly Pedchenko

My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. Now I also own AR-15 rifle and MP5 pistol caliber carbine. I am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC Range Officer. I participate in practical shooting and 3-Gun competitions because they are the best way for me to test equipment and upgrades under stress. I am member of the PRACTICA shooting club. I also participate in REAGO, which provides Tactical Combat Casualty Care training. The main purpose of the blog and forum is to have a compilation of information about the Remington 870 shotgun in one organized, accessible place.

3 thoughts on “Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul

  • 29.01.2013 at 07:27

    Maybe this was Magpul’s anticipation of Feinstein reintroducing her bill. This stock seems to allow the proper tight combat stance that absolutely requires a pistol grip to do but maintains the basic design of a fixed stock.

  • 01.11.2013 at 12:45

    Remington 870 has been my no. 1 shotgun for over 45 years. I sold my first Wingmaster
    over unfounded fears of steel shot…have 7 in different configurations now, and will make
    it one more within the month.
    The 870 has never failed me!

  • 20.06.2020 at 13:25

    Would really like to purchase one of these shotguns. Any ideas on tge best place to do so ?


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