I have announced review of the ATI Talon stock and ATI Talon Aluminum forend some time ago. Now, after tests, I can tell you that it is nice set with many interesting features. The only disadvantages are complicated installation and heavy weight of the stock.

Don’t trust many negative reviews of the ATI stock and forend. I think that most of the negative reviews were from people who installed upgrades incorrectly. I am not affiliated with ATI and this is honest review with advantages and disadvantages of this set.

Here is list of benefits of the ATI stock for Remington 870:

  • Stock is adjustable.
  • Adjustable Cheekriser included.
  • You can remove stock and install pistol grip only in under one minute
  • Construction is heavy but solid
  • Pistol grip has rubber back which makes shooting more comfortable
  • One-point sling attachment plate included, installation is easy

Advantages of the Advanced Technology aluminum forend for Remington 870:

  • Aluminum construction is rock solid.
  • You can install rails (and accessories) almost anywhere on the forend.
  • Forend strap looks like a very nice addition to the forend

ATTENTION! Be careful when installing rails on the forend. I have smashed my thumb really hard with one of the rails when I was shooting. Experiment until you have good placement of rails and accessories.

ATI (Advanced Technology) Upgrades and Accessories for Remington 870

ATI (Advanced Technology) Upgrades and Accessories for Remington 870

You can see full set of ATI upgrades on the picture above. It looks very nice, installation takes little more time than expected, but other than that everything is good.

I have friend which uses the same ATI stock on his home defense Mossberg for years and he didn’t have any problems with it.

Advanced Technology ATI Talon Stock

Remington 870 ATI Talon Stock

Remington 870 ATI Talon Stock

This stock looks reliable and has a lot of metal parts which make it sturdy. Buttstock itself has some movement between the tube and buttstock.

ATI stock Spacer can be replaced with one-point sling loop easily. So you can change setup if you want to have one-point sling added to your shotgun.

Also, you can easily remove stock and install pistol grip only. I have made it under 60 seconds. This is one of the interesting features which can be useful for some gun owners. Personally, I prefer having full stock to be able to aim, mount and control gun better.

Advanced Techology Talon stock is adjustable, so it will fit shooters of different size. You can make stock shorter when using body armor or (more likely) thick winter clothing.

The buttpad is thick and works good. But I would really like the feature that would enable me to have aftermarket buttpads.

The cheekriser installation with small screws is little tricky but it doesn’t take much time. You can configure it to have the proper cheek weld.

The rear part of the pistol grip is made of rubber which makes grip more comfortable and also reduces some recoil.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this stock.

Advanced Technology ATI Talon Aluminum Forend

Advanced Technology ATI Talon Aluminum Forend

Advanced Technology ATI Talon Aluminum Forend

The ATI Talon Aluminum Forend is made of aluminum, so you can be sure that it will withstand hard use. Aluminum construction make it surprisingly lightweight.

One of the interesting features is that it has lots of slots for rails (not included). They enable you to have different accessories all over the forend. You can have flashlight, laser, vertical grip etc. Some of the locations on the forend didn’t allow me to fix a rail properly, there was some movement between rail and forend but this happened on one or two locations out of 70, other were good.

You have total number of 70 swivel stud locations. It is possible to install rails at 45 or 90 degree around forend.

Upper part of the forend works as heatshield protecting your hand from the hot barrel. Very nice feature which cannot be found on other forends.

Hand strap (purchased separately) is also very nice addition to the ATI Talon Aluminum Forend. It ensures that your hand won’t slip off the forend.

Very interesting product with many interesting features.

Final Thoughts About Advanced Technology ATI Talon Stock and Aluminum Forend

The stock and forend are very interesting and affordable products. They give Remington 870 owners some very useful features which enable them to configure this set as needed.

With a few disadvantages, ATI stock and forend have a lot of good features. I have really enjoyed shooting it.

Official website: http://www.atigunstocks.com/