The Easiest and the Cheapest Way to Try Ghost Ring Sights on Your Remington 870

This advice is only for Remington 870 shotguns with factory rifle sights.

Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set

The only ghost ring sights which can replace factory sights on Remington 870 are Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set from Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. One of the other advantages of these sights is that they have light gathering elements (fiber optic dots) which make them even easier to use.

The price of this set is just $25.99

Williams Ghost Ring Sights
Williams Ghost Ring Sights

Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set Installation

Installation is very easy and takes just 15 minutes. You will need just small screwdriver to install the rear sight and a hammer to install the front sight.

These sights simply replace factory sights. Hit the front sight several times to push it out, and then install Williams Fire Sight.

Unscrew the rear sight screw, remove factory sight and install Williams Fire Sight.

Highly recommended product.

Recommended Products:
Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
You can get Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company here:


  1. Today I installed the Williams Ghost Ring Firesight Set on my 870. As this post suggests installation was a snap and took all of 15 minutes to perform (remember to add thread locker to prevent loosening). The sights look great and light up like a Christmas tree in normal lighting conditions. They offer an amazing sight picture. In very low light or in the dark however they seem worse than my factory white dot sights. It was difficult to make out either the front or rear dots without at least some overhead light in the room. In other words, if the light source is in front of you the sights are completely black. With overhead light in the room or outdoors they work great, and the price is certainly reasonable, but if you’re looking for something to provide rapid sight alignment in low light conditions, a more traditional Tritium set up would be better.

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