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Here is review of the short Hogue OverMolded stock with a 12″ length of pull and overmolded forend for Remington 870 shotgun.

Short stock is very handy and increases mobility in close quarters. Hogue shortstock is shorter than a standard one and makes your shotgun compact and easier to handle. I really like it but this short LOP stock may not suit shooters with longer hands. Also, you need to find proper position of your strong hand because you may hit your nose with your thumb. But after several shots you will forget about this problem forever.

Manufacturer of this stock and forend also suggests to use this set with body armor or winter clothing.

Hogue Short LOP Stock

Hogue Short LOP Stock

Hogue Short LOP Stock and forend are very easy to install and installation takes just 10-15 minutes. See my instruction here: How to change a forend on Remington 870

Material and texture of the Hogue stock and forend are unique and assure excellent feel and a non-slip positive grip. I have tried many other forends and stocks: stanard, knoxx, speedfeed but Hogue rubber forend and stock are better than all of them.

The price of the Hogue stock and forend set is about $80. You can get this set from many shops.

Hogue Overmolded Forend

Hogue Overmolded Forend

This forend will work even with a 6-shot SideSaddle. I have one from Mesa Tactical.

This product is great and highly recommended! This forend is a good upgrade for any tactical, competition or home-defense shotgun.

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