Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.

Ghost ring sights are popular on shotguns, especially on tactical versions. Such sight is very convenient and has several advantages:
1. It is fast and easy to use.
2. It obscures a target less than other sights.

The most popular ghost ring sights are made by Vang Comp Systems and Scattergun. But they have several disadvantages:
1. Rear sight can be installed only on receiver and requires drilling and tapping.
2. Front sight requires difficult installation too.
3. Rear sight is too close to the eye.
4. The price of set is very high: $160-200

Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set
The only sights which can be installed on the place of standard sights are Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set from Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. One of the other advantages of this sights is that they have light gathering elements (fiber optic dots) which make them even easier to use. The price of this set is $32.

Williams Gun Sight Remington
Williams Gun Sight Remington

Installation is very easy and takes just 15 minutes. You will need just small screwdriver to install the rear sight and a hammer to install the front sight.

Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set
Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Set

After installation of you will need to adjust sights.

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Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc.
You can get Remington 870 Ghost Ring Firesight Set by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. on Brownells


  1. Looks like a great product and an unbelievable price! Sights are ridiculously over priced. It’s good to see there are still some companies out there that aren’t all about $$$ and sticking it to the consumer.

    Take care, J.R.

  2. J.R., you are absolutely right! $200 is a huge price for a set of sights.

  3. Theodore

    What a great product!! Even though I have an open red-dot sight on my gun, I have ordered a set of these Remington Ghost Ring Firesight Sets from Williams Gun Sight Company, to replace my factory sights.

    Great review, Thanks.

    (BTW, Nice photos !!)

  4. Tru-Glo also makes a similar sight setup that is available for about the same price.

    The one I have on my 870 is for ribbed barrels and it uses a strong attachment system and the included allen wrench to install fully adjustable fiber optic sights. A nice feature is that the rear sight can be located anywhere on the rib. I mounted my rear ghost sight as far back as possible, so it’s butted up against the reciever, but goes with the barrel if I swap barrels to something different. You could always put it further up if you like the sight radius of most rifle-sighted shotguns (which I don’t).

    The front sight has a red fiber optic pipe, and the rear sight has two green pipes. The red front sight is very good apicking up light. A full moon is plenty to get it glowing.

    The rear sights are not quite as bright, but if its dark enough that I can’t find the ghost ring, I probably shouldn’t be firing at anything. Of course, a tactical light eliminates this problem. The set comes with a ghost ring and a standard 3 post setup. I removed all the ribs on my shotgun except the ones that have the sights mounted, and I am quite happy with the results.

    My tactical light illuminates the target and my front sight post so that when I use the ghost ring aperture at night, it looks a lot like a red dot sight picture (very fast).

    I have my barrel shortened to 18″, and slightly jug choked for buckshot. The sights are perfectly adequate to put buckshot where you need it quickly (within 25 yards anyway…I don’t trust buckshot much further than that on the first shot), and I am able to get 2.5″ to 3″ 5-shot groups at 75 yards from a sitting position. This is better accuracy than I ever got with a 28″ barrel and a red dot on another 870 I owned.

    I’m very impressed with these sights and they are all-steel construction excluding the fiber-optic parts. I also tried an “Allen” brand sight and the results were decent, but it was nowhere near the build quality and tougness of the tru-glo sights I have now. Of course, I got that Allen sight at Academy sports for about $10.

    It seems that there are a lot of inexpensive tactical shotgun sights that are marketed as turkey hunting sights. Lots of choices without being taken to the cleaners for iron sights. I would love to see just how nice a set of Wilson combat sights are, but they cost more than I’ve ever paid for a good condition 870. I sometimes wonder about AR iron sights that cost several hundred dollars for a pair. I don’t care if they are bedazzled with diamonds and rubies; there is just no way I’m spending that kind of cash for a metal post with threads on the base, and a hole with a couple screws going into it for adjustments.

    Will I spend $500 on a scope for a rifle that can make use of the optical quality? Of course. But never on a couple chunks of black phosphated steel. I wish that tech-site would come up with something for tactical shotguns. Their sks and 10-22 sights are oustanding and very well priced. I’ll just start holding my breath and hope they read up at

  5. Theodore, I hope you will like your new sights! And I am happy that review was useful for you. Also, I am pleased you like photos (new camera works great :).

  6. Hello, Nice blog! I was looking for a set of sights like these but unfortunatly I can not find any place that sells them. Do you mind if I ask where you picked these up from? Thanks!

    -Joe P.

  7. Can someone explain the difference between pre 2003 and current sights? I bought my barrel seperately. The ramp looks just like the one in the pic in this post. Thanks in advance.

  8. Gerard M. Kreutz


    I’ve been searching the web for an hour now and cannot find sights for a Remington 870 express with vent rib (5/16) . I would like to have the ghost ring set offered for the slug gun. Do you make them for mine?
    Thanks Jerry.

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