The first thing you want to do when trying to replace the forend of your Remington 870 is to make sure the weapon is unloaded. You’ll want to check both the chamber and magazine tube by visually looking at them and by feeling around with your fingers. That way you can ensure that you don’t have any accidents during the process of replacing your forend. Next, you will need to gather the right tool for doing this job. There is a special forend removal tool that you can purchase at most gun stores, but if you have a pair of pliers then they will be fine.

Once you have your tool ready, you can begin by disassembling the shotgun and removing the forend from it. On the front side of the forend, there is a nut that you need to unscrew by using the pliers or a forend removal tool. Insert your tool in two of the nut’s notches to grip it properly. If you have any gun oil then you can apply that to the nut to make it easier to remove. This process should be easy if you have a newer Remington 870 because the nut hasn’t been on there for very long. However, if you have an older Remington 870 model then you may find the nut to be a little harder to unscrew. Try not to be too forceful when using your tool or else you could risk breaking the forend, especially if it is wooden. But if you have the right tools then you should be able to get the nut out of the forend. After the forend nut is removed, just slide off the forend and then slide on the new one. Now reverse the process by screwing the forend nut onto the front of the new forend and you are good to go.

It is rare for anyone to have problems with this process. Most people have newer Remington 870’s with easily removable forend nuts. The whole process of removing the nut sounds harder than it really is. If you need extra guidance then there are plenty of YouTube videos you can look up which give you visual demonstrations on the forend replacement process. They should help show you how easy this really is.

Remington 870 gunsmithing at home :) recorded new video with better quality and light:


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