Thanks to Beez Combat Systems for sending shotgun scabbard for review.

Shotgun scabbards are pretty popular because of their tactical look and special features. They are mostly used by breachers or regular shooters which use scabbards to carry a shotgun. They are also popular among preppers and survivalists.

What are the advantages of the scabbard? Of course, you can use a standard shotgun carrying case but it doesn’t allow you quick deployment of a shotgun. Shotgun scabbard enables you to draw a shotgun really quick! It takes just several seconds to make your shotgun ready.

There are shotgun scabbards from many manufacturers. They have different sizes, forms and colors. Most of the have one strap to carry across the body. So how is Beez Combat Systems shotgun scabbard is different from others?

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

This scabbards is different from others because it has two shoulder straps, a chest strap and a removable waist strap. This design enables you to have the scabbard positioned conveniently. It also makes easier drawing a shotgun.

Straps spread the weight of the shotgun to make pressure point free feel. The scabbard is that comfortable that you can even forget that you have a shotgun on your back.

Cell foam inside of the scabbard makes carrying a shotgun very comfortable. You don’t feed any edges of a shotgun. This is very good feature, especially if you have to carry a shotgun for a long periods of time.

It may look bulky at first but look at the photos and you will notice slick design. This shotgun scabbard is lightweight even with all the additional features and cell foam inside.

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

I have CDM Gear flashlight clamp on my Remington 870 shotgun. It is located on the left side and shotgun fit tight inside of the scabbard. If you remove flashlight or put it under the barrel it will be easier to draw a shotgun.

Shotgun with pistol grip without stock will fit in the scabbard even better. Also, Beez Combat Systems can make a custom sized scabbard specifically for your shotgun.

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

There is pry tool pocket on the back of this scabbard. It will be handy for breachers. Regular shooters may use it to carry a cleaning Rod.

It is possible to attach velcro patch on the back of the shotgun scabbard. It is pretty wide and will accept patch of any size.

Here is the Beez Combat Systems scabbard upside down:

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

Beez Combat Systems Shotgun Scabbard Review

Shotgun is held in place reliably using strap. But you can quickly draw a shotgun out of the scabbard using quick release buckle. Of course, you will need some practice at the beginning. You can walk, run, jump or do whatever you need with this shotgun scabbard on your back.

Shotgun scabbard is easy to adjust. It is possible to move the waist belt at the level you need, as you can see on the picture above. It has the best shoulder straps of all scabbards.

Overall, I really liked Beez Combat Systems shotgun scabbard. It’s not a cheap scabbard, this is well thought out and high-quality piece of gear that can be used by professional shooters and breachers. I really liked material of the scabbard, high-quality buckles and strap adjusters, all seams double stitched and look very reliable.

It is possible to order custom scabbard for your shotgun. You can choose size, color (scabbard in this review is grey) and additional features. Beez Combat Systems is a very responsive and friendly company.

The one feature which I would like to have is a removable cover which would be very handy during transportation.

But you get what you pay for that is why this scabbard is priced higher than others.

Visit Beez Combat Systems for more information.

P.S.: Shotgun on all photos is 21 inch Remington 870 Express.