FREE Gun Safety Guide – FREE to Download, FREE to Share!

FREE Gun Safety Guide – FREE to Download, FREE to Share!

FREE Gun Safety Guide - FREE to Download, FREE to Share!
FREE Gun Safety Guide - FREE to Download, FREE to Share!

Each year we hear about accidents with firearms. They happen because many gun owners don’t know simple gun safety rules. This ebook describes how to store, transport, carry and use firearms safely. Its main purpose is to educate new and existing gun owners and to make gun community a little safer.

Amazon review:
“Whether you are for gun control or against it, I think most of us agree that something should be done to stop the gun violence that is consuming America. Statistics show that in the year 2010, 31,076 people died from gun violence. That’s over 85 PER DAY, 3 PER HOUR. A large percentage of these gun deaths were accidental, attriubted to a lack of gun safety in the home.

“Gun Safety Guide” by Vitaly Pedchenko should be required reading for everyone in America who owns a gun. It’s a short book, but he covers a lot of vital information, including storing your firearm at home, and teaching children about firearm safety. Just a few of the simple precautions he lists here could save countless lives. I know many arrogant gun-owners who will say “I already know all that stuff!”, but accidents can happen to anyone.

Regardless of what you might hear, guns are not going away. No one is going to take them. Only the overly paranoid and those apt to believe in conspiracy theories believe this. So it’s up to us to be responsible gun owners and put our safety and those of others at the top of our priority list. It’s up to us to stop the violence, and this book is a good first step.”

This ebook is free to make it available for all firearms owners.

Download FREE Gun Safety Guide Now!

Vitaly Pedchenko

My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. Now I also own AR-15 rifle and MP5 pistol caliber carbine. I am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC Range Officer. I participate in practical shooting and 3-Gun competitions because they are the best way for me to test equipment and upgrades under stress. I am member of the PRACTICA shooting club. I also participate in REAGO, which provides Tactical Combat Casualty Care training. The main purpose of the blog and forum is to have a compilation of information about the Remington 870 shotgun in one organized, accessible place.

One thought on “FREE Gun Safety Guide – FREE to Download, FREE to Share!

  • 10.06.2013 at 08:21

    There is no doubt gun violence is on the rise. We hear about more gun related accidents now compared to before.

    Thanks for the ebook.


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