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When you purchase a Remington firearm, such as a Remington 870 shotgun, it will contain a serial number or barrel number on it. This number will allow you to lookup when your Remington firearm was manufactured. Don’t worry because the serial numbers are not a long series of numbers that you’ll end up forgetting. In fact, Remington uses a two-letter coding system for their serial numbers. These two letters are usually stamped on the barrel of the weapon for you to see clearly if you simply try to look for it.

Since the letters are a code, you probably aren’t going to know what they mean merely by looking at them. Fortunately, you can find out what your Remington weapon’s code means by downloading the free Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup app for the Android operating system. If you have an Android mobile phone or tablet, go to the Google Play store and search for this app. After you find it, download it onto your device and then run the app. All you have to do then is just type in your two-letter code into the search box and it will tell you the date that your Remington firearm was manufactured. The date is listed in month and year format.


Do not confuse the two-letter code on your barrel with the serial number that is on your receiver. The serial number is actually something different than the two-letter code on the barrel. The difference has to do with what each number identifies. The actual serial number on the receiver is used to identify the owner of that particular weapon. Whenever you purchase and register a firearm, the serial number is associated with your name and address. That way, if a crime is ever committed with your weapon and the police find it, they’ll be able to trace it back to you as the registered owner.

However, you won’t be using that serial number with the Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup app because that number won’t tell you the month and year it was manufactured. The two-letter code on the barrel is part of a special coding system designed by Remington to identify the manufacturing dates of all their shotguns and rifles. Now if for some reason you don’t have an Android device, you can still go to to find a decoder chart for their coding system. Just look up the two letters of your Remington weapon on that chart and it will tell you what year it corresponds to.

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