You can quickly change the height of the cheek weld and offset it so that it will fit any type of shooter or shooting position. It is considered a drop in replacement for factory stocks, and they let you adjust left/right positions that provide a solid cheek weld to fit any shooter. The stock is
made of 30 percent fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which is impact resistant, and is impervious to water and resists scratches and chips.

Remington 870/1100/11-87 Adjustable Combo Stock Review

Remington 870/1100/11-87 Adjustable Combo Stock Review

The stocks have a non-reflective surface. They come with one-inch thick recoil absorbing rubber butt plate as well. The Remington model 1100/11-87 comes with an adjustable recoil plate with an exclusive recoil system. There are eight different adjustments. They all are sold as a set with a
matching forearm with molded checkering. The 1100/11-87 models have an adjustable pull from 14 to 15 inches.

Shooters state that the stock installs easily without any needed adjustments and some have said they can add length by using shims if needed. The stock is ideal for shorter shooters or those with heavy clothing or armor on that would interfere with the pull.

Buyers have stated that the stocks are easily changed out and look good and are impressed with the ease of changing the cheek weld

What Is Cheek Weld and Why Is It Important

Cheek weld is where your cheek naturally meets the stock, where you eyes are lined up with the sights. Shooters that shoot often with the same weapon know instantly when they have failed to achieve the proper cheek weld. They can feel it is different and the sights will look different.

Having a strong cheek weld helps ride or recover from the recoil so you do not lose the sight picture. Each shooter will have a different cheek weld, and each time they pick up and aim any shotgun they will attempt to find their natural position. Having a stock that lets you adjust the

cheek weld is ideal. New shooters have made the mistake of resting their chin on the stock and have gotten a real jolt to the chin from the recoil. Having a height and angle adjustment helps stop anyone from resting his or her chin on the stock.

Each person has different sized necks and some shooters may not find it is a comfortable position even if it is their natural cheek weld. The Remington 870/1100/11-87 adjustable combo stock allows you to bring your natural cheek weld closer if the position is awkward because of an
injury or possibly because you have a shorter neck and so on.

The adjustable stocks are ideal for home defense weapons where more than one person will be using the weapon and because the stock reduces recoil as well it can be fitted for smaller persons in the home. This allows you to keep that 12-guage and stop using lighter loads because of the
recoil. People with shorter arms can still fire the weapon with accuracy and confidence if they have installed the Remington 870/1100/11-87 adjustable combination stock.

The stock combo receives 4.5 out of five stars. Many that have purchased the stock comb indicated they wanted to improve their sport shooting, clay pigeons and skeet. They stated there was a substantial improvement. Shooters from 6’4″ to 5’10” indicate the stocks work well with their heights.

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Remington 870 Adjustable Combo Stock

Remington 870 Adjustable Combo Stock

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