Remington 870 Firing Pin Retaining Pin emoval is one of the procedures which you need to do to replace broken firing pin or firing pin retractor spring.

Firing pin or Firing pin retractor spring replacement is needed if they are broken. Inspect them every time you clean your shotgun.

Here is how broken firing pin retractor spring looks like:

Remington 870 Firing pin retractor spring
Remington 870 Firing pin retractor spring

Broken Firing pin:

Broken Remington 870 Firing Pin
Broken Remington 870 Firing Pin

How to Remove the Remington 870 Firing Pin

1. Knock out the Firing Pin Retaining Pin.
2. Take out the firing pin and firing pin retractor spring
3. Reverse the process.

Remington 870 Firing Pin Removal – Video

Remington 870 firing pin:
Firing pin retractor spring:


  1. In terms of the Mossberg 500, it is not necessary to purchase a different Mossberg shotgun in order to increase capacity. Mossberg offers a 7+1 setup which involves a 7 round magazine tube and 20″ barrel. The setup comes with an extended spring.

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