Remington 870 Firing Pin Retaining Pin emoval is one of the procedures which you need to do to replace broken firing pin or firing pin retractor spring.

Firing pin or Firing pin retractor spring replacement is needed if they are broken. Inspect them every time you clean your shotgun.

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Here is the list of the most affordable yet really important upgrades for your Remington 870 shotgun.

1. Carrier Latch Spring ($4.84)

Carrier elevates the shell and it will be held there until the bolt can push it into the chamber. Carrier dog spring upgrade upgrade ensures positive feeding when using heavier rounds.

Carrier dog spring upgrade is very simple. It is as important as extractor replacement. Many custom Remington 870 shotguns have better carrier dog spring.

You can get heavier carrier dog spring for just $4.84 here:

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VANG COMP 870/1100 CARRIER PIVOT SLAVE PIN (Sliver Bullet) by Vang Comp Systems

Silver Bullet for Remington 870/1100 is very useful and inexpensive tool. It simplifies replacement of a Carrier Latch Spring. Carrier latch spring upgrade is highly recommended for improved reliability of Remington 870 feeding.

Silver bullet makes assembly of the trigger plate much easier.

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