I know that a lot of readers of Rem870.com blog like tactical stuff. Here is review of the 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack which I used during 2-week vacation.

5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack

5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack

I am big fan of the 5.11 company but 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack is not as good as it could be, I will not recommend it to a friend. Let’s talks about its advantages and disadvantages…

This tactical shoulder bag is very convenient and doesn’t look “tacticool” especially when you have nothing attached to velcro. I have used it to carry my digital camera, documents, flash drive, keys, money, flashlight, notebook, pen, light sticks, knife, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, pepper spray, multitool, GPS navigator, water bottle and there were lot of space to spare.

Adjustable shoulder strap with removable pad is fantastic and I really like it. It is very easy to adjust. But there is no hand strap which would become handy.

Aero-foam padding on back of the 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack makes carrying of this bag comfortable but after just two weeks of use it shows signs of wear.

Two pockets (utility and knife) are useless because they are not deep enough, they can’t securely hold even the smallest knife I have.

Sunglasses pocket is handy but material inside scratches them. The best sunglasses pocket I’ve seen is on 5.11 MOAB 6 bag which has special fleece-lined, non-scratching material inside.

Two side extendable pockets are good to carry water bottle but I don’t understand why there are two of them? One is more than enough (it can hold one liter bottle). I have used second one to carry my camera and some other stuff but it is not very secure (zippo on side and velcro on top).

5.11 PUSH Pack Main Compartment

5.11 PUSH Pack Main Compartment

During my trip I was very disappointed when I couldn’t find my 32GB flash memory (with lots of important information) which I put in the small pocket in the main compartment. It turned out that it dropped out of the bag when I put it on the backseat of my car. I was happy to find it but understood tht main compartment is not as secure as it looks. Even when you close buckle the flap is not secured and not closed tightly, so it is very easy to lose small things like flash drive, coins, pens, keys, knife etc. This is the most critical disadvantage of the 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack.

5.11 PUSH Pack main compartment is really big and you can carry lots of things there but it has several problems. First problem is that pen pockets are not deep enough, light sticks and pens stick up much. It is ridiculous because there is enough unused space to make pen holders deeper! Also, small pocket near pen pockets is not wide enough to carry business or any other cards but there is enough unused space to make it wider. I simply don’t understand why main compartment wasn’t designed properly.

Concealed Carry Pocket

Concealed Carry Pocket

Another problem is that you don’t have a zippered pocket inside the main compartment, that makes it useless for carrying small things because it is easy to lose them.

Concealed carry pocket is very big and you can put a full sized gun there. It has velcro, so you can attach a holster there. The only problem of this pocket is that zipper is not convenient enough. It opens from the rear to the front which is not comfortable for me.

I have seen lots of positive reviews of the 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack and bought it thinking that it is a great product but it has too much disadvantages.

You will see a review of the 5.11 Tactical MOAB 6 bag which is much better and thought out soon.