UPDATE: How to change a forend using forend removal tool

I had a post about forend replacement some time ago: How to change a forend on a Remington 870

But after several questions about forend replacement on Remington 870 I decided to create a small video about this.

How to change a forend on a Remington 870:

1. Disassemble your Remington 870 shotgun and take out the old forend.
2. There is a nut on the front of the forend. You need to unscrew it using pliers (insert them in two notches on the nut).
3. When you have the nut unscrewed just slide the forend off.
4. Slide on new forend and reverse the process.

That’s all, you have just installed a forend on Remington 870.

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  1. looks good, the issue is that many people change out old wood sporting forends for newsynthetic ones.
    Many times the wood had shrunk around the tube and can be very hard to get off,so it may not be as easy as your video shows.
    Allso if you forend nut gets rusty you may need to soke it in some brake free for a few days then try and remove it.
    Remmber never to twist or bend the action bars.

  2. Simon,

    Thanks for your comment. I think information about wood stocks and rusty nuts will be very useful for shotgun owners.

  3. Via Sierra


    Why not show your audience the correct way to remove a fore end using a fore end wrench instead of the second rate method mis-using a plyer tool that can work in a pinch?

  4. Thomas Fuller

    Just snapped my rusted forend nut off my rusted forend tube. Looks like I’ll be buying new parts… If you just read this post after you have also broke the darned thing, then like me, you did not read the posts following the video.


  5. What about getting an existing forend off of a Remingtom 870 Marine Magnum? Thanks.

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