Scott Dew, owner of the CDM Gear shared the very interesting story of creation of his unique clamps:

CDM Gear Clamps

CDM Gear Clamps

So, I started making clamps about 4 years ago but I actually started out doing a lot of custom, one-off stuff for people. I was also designing an adapter like the Mesa Tactical stock adapter about the same time they did. This all started with the FN TPS shotgun. You may know that it has a stock that adapts an AR15 stock and pistol grip to the shotgun. I liked the look and started developing my own.

Mine was a little more complex and had a built in scope rail. It was going to be investment cast and then machined. It was really nice and better than anything on the market. I didn’t make it because Knoxx was coming out with a recoil reducing stock and I felt that it would revolutionize the stock adapter industry.

I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into something that was going to be outdated so I stopped development. Looking back, I should have continued ahead with my plans…and I still might.

In the meantime I was still making clamps but they looked like everyone elses out there. I like simplified form and after looking at the clamp assembly with the scope ring and the rail and everything I felt there was a better way. It litterally came to me in my sleep and I got up about 3 in the morning and started drawing the cad work for the MOD-C, which stands for Multi Optional Design Clamp. I’ve included a .jpg so you can get an idea of where the idea came from.

CDM Clamps

CDM Clamps

I also worked on the patent, which is still in process. I have a provisional patent that will be converted to a regular patent application in February. I will be doing the actual patent work as well.

The clamps can interchange with other components as well, such as rails and the Sling Swivel dock. The sling swivel dock is made out of steel, instead of aluminum. I believe the steel to be a better way to go than aluminum for long term durability.

Since the sling swivel dock needed a hole for the sling swivel, I lined it up with the bolt hole for the clamp. I followed through with the rails putting an access hole in the same place for the clamp.

With other clamps you need to take the rail off to take the clamp apart. You don’t need to do that with mine. I am the only maker that does this. I also wanted to have the light or laser as close to the shotgun as possible. I don’t believe there is another railed clamp out there that holds the light as close to the shotgun as mine does. It is also the lightest of it’s kind on the market.

Scott, thank you very much for sharing this story with me and readers of the Rem870 blog!

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