Shooting Range (Gunshot) First Aid Kit

5.11 Tactical Med Kit, Medical Pouch

Shooting Range (Gunshot) First Aid Kit

Safety on a shooting range is very important. But shooting range (gunshot) first aid kit is a must too.

5.11 Tactical Med Kit, Medical Pouch
5.11 Tactical Med Kit, Medical Pouch

What I recommend to have in your Shooting Range (Gunshot) First Aid Kit:
1. Tactical Tourniquet (SOF or CAT). This tourniquet saves lives. It was tested in Iraq and Afghanistan and used by US Army. It is very simple and effective way to stop bleeding from limbs.
2. Celox Gauze Roll. Celox is effective but it is much easier to use a Celox Gauze. Very simple application, very effective when you need to stop bleeding.
3. I recommend getting 5.11 Tactical Med Kit Medical Pouch. It has pocket for Tactical Tourniquet and also enough space for Celox Gauze Roll. Please note that many people don’t like this pouch and prefer classic medic pouches.

Please note that many guys think that pocket for Tactical Tourniquet is too small on 5.11 Tactical Med Kit Medical Pouch. But it fits ok, you just need to place it properly.

The pouch is compact, tactical tourniquet and Celox gauze roll are very effective when you need to stop bleeding.

Highly recommended for all shooters.

Take care!

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Range Bag Checklist

Range Bag Checklist

Plan to add Range Bag Checklist to the ebook, what would you recommend to be added or removed from the following list:

Must Have
Eye protection
Ear protection


First aid kit
Keys for cases, trigger locks
Holster, gun belt
Shooting gloves

Good to have:
Binoculars or spotting scope
Shooting journal, pen
Open chamber flag
Staple gun and staples
Extra batteries
Magazine loader

Clothes to keep you warm and dry or protect from sun
Water and food
Burn cream in summer, warm packs in winter.
Insect repellents

Field repair kit with spare parts
Cleaning kit

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