The Remington 887 is a 12-gauge Nitro Magnum Pump Action shotgun that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. But you can probably still get your hands on one if you purchase it from a private gun dealer. The only problem is it likely won’t have any owner’s manual with it. Fortunately, you can download the Remington 887 owner’s manual in PDF format by going to the website and downloading it from there. Then you can read the manual on your computer or mobile device anytime you want. If you insist on having a paper version of the manual, just print it out from your printer and then you’ll have your own printed copy from there.

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The Remington 700 owner’s manual contains all the information you’d ever want to know about the Remington 700 rifle. If you purchased a Remington 700 rifle new, then it should have come with an owner’s manual in paper format. But if you don’t have the manual for whatever reason, you can download the digital version from the Remington website or using the link in the end of this post. It comes in a PDF file which you can read for free with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Free Printable Zombie Targets, Download, Share, Have Fun on the Range

Movies about zombies are very popular. My favourite one is Resident Evil with Milla Yovovich killing hunderds of different zombies. I think that movies made zombies interesting to large amount of people and now there are a lot of forums dedicated to fight against zombies. People talk about zombies and their weak points. Everybody want to shoot one… And it’s easy when you have a zombie shooting target.

I have seen a lot of zombie targets over the internet. They are very popular and people on forums keep asking about free printable zombie targets. But most of the quality zombie targets are not free and shipping is expenisve.

They seem to be fun to shoot but international shipping was too expensive. I decided to order zombie targets from local designers. Today I want to share with you free printable PDF zombie target. Feel free to download, print, send and share it with your friends. Please note that they are not for commercial use and website address should not be removed.

Zombie shooting targets are 90×60 cm (approximately 35″ tall and 23″ wide). Download free print-ready PDF file of the zombie target using one of the following links:

Free Printable Zombie Target (Preview)

Free Printable Zombie Target without Scoring Zones (Preview)
Free Printable Zombie Target without Scoring Zones (Preview)

Download Free Printable PDF Zombe Target
Size: 6.3 Mb

Please let me know what you think about them? Do you want to see more zombie targets? Maybe you have any ideas about next zombie target?

P.S.: Not for commercial use.
P.P.S.: More zombies are coming soon!

Remington 870 Owner’s Manual contains information about model, basic assembly, disassembly and cleaning procedures. Manual also has information about safety rules and different advices.

Looking for a Remington 870 Owner’s Manual for download?

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