The Remington 887 is a 12-gauge Nitro Magnum Pump Action shotgun that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. But you can probably still get your hands on one if you purchase it from a private gun dealer. The only problem is it likely won’t have any owner’s manual with it. Fortunately, you can download the Remington 887 owner’s manual in PDF format by going to the website and downloading it from there. Then you can read the manual on your computer or mobile device anytime you want. If you insist on having a paper version of the manual, just print it out from your printer and then you’ll have your own printed copy from there.

The Remington 887 manual is very easy to follow and the table of contents clearly outlines what you can find in there. If you’ve seen other Remington owner’s manuals before then the layout and format of this one should not look that much different to you. The manual basically starts out by going over the “Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety,” which should be self-explanatory if you’ve ever handled a firearm before. The manual then outlines each part of the Remington 887, which you should pay attention to if you aren’t familiar with the parts on a shotgun. This knowledge will come in handy if you ever want to upgrade your weapon by removing some of its original factory parts and replacing them with better quality parts.

The rest of the manual concerns the assembly of the Remington 887 and the process of loading and unloading the weapon. There is even a section at the end which explains the importance of lubricating your weapon periodically in order to preserve its parts and components. Again, all of this information should be common knowledge if you’ve ever used a shotgun or rifle before. If you haven’t, then this manual will certainly be useful for you to have as a reference when operating the shotgun. In fact, you could put the manual onto your mobile device so that you always have it with you wherever you are. Most mobile devices, like Apple iOS and Android, should allow you to open the PDF file in its browser. If it doesn’t for whatever reason, there are PDF reader apps available that you can download which will enable you to read this manual on there. Just go to the Google Play or Apple store and type in “PDF Reader” to find it.

You can download Remington 887 Owner’s Manual in PDF format: Remington Model 887 Owners Manual Download

Remington 887 Owner’s Manual Download (PDF)
Remington 887 Owner’s Manual Download (PDF)


  1. David Jimenez

    Can this model be modifief with extended tube for more shell capacitty?

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