6 Best Shotgun Sidesaddles (Shell Carriers)

New Polymer Mesa Tactical SureShell® Shotshell Carrier

What is shotgun sidesaddle and why you need it?

A shotgun sidesaddle is a convenient accessory for shotgun owners because it gives them the ability to carry more ammunition right on their weapon. That way, they don’t have to put down their weapon to go looking for more ammunition insidesl a bag or something. They can just take a shotshell right off the sidesaddle that is attached to their shotgun, load the shotshell into the chamber and then fire away. This saves them quite a bit of time in the reloading process because they don’t have to go far to get more ammunition for their weapon, since the shotshells are stored right there on the weapon itself. If you are a soldier on the battlefield, a law enforcement officer, or just somebody who needs to be able to reload quickly, the shotgun sidesaddle is an invaluable necessity that you must own.

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ATI Talon Aluminum Remington 870 Forend Review and Installation

ATI Talon 5-Sided Aluminum Shotgun Forend

ATI Talon aluminum forend will work with Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester shotguns. This forend looks extremely good on Remington 870. It is surprisingly lightweight and gives user lots of options and different accessories.

The only disadvantage is complicated installation with several adapters. But this needs to be done only once and then you can benefit from all the interesting features of the ATI Talon Forend.

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