Remington 700 SPS with MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) HS3 LA Stock Chassis

Remington 700 SPS with MDT (Modular Driven Technologies) HS3 LA Stock Chassis

The Remington 700 is a rifle typically used for hunting and target shooting. The Remington 700 Special Purpose Synthetic Stainless is a high-performance bolt-action rifle which combines affordability with a high-quality construction. If you are familiar with the traditional Remington 700, then you will get all of those features in this updated version plus a whole lot more.

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Best Remington 700 Upgrades: Stock, Bipod, Scope Base, Bolt Lift, Barrel

Harris Bipod for Remington 700 Rifle

The Model 700 has a bolt action which is manually operated and contains 2 forward lugs (dual-opposed). It has a lower bolt face which completely encloses the cartridge base. The extractor sits inside the bolt face as a C-clip. The ejector of the bolt face acts as a plunger which needs a coil spring to activate it. The bolt is constructed with 3 brazed pieces; the bolt handle, head, and body. Circular cross-section steel is used to mill the receiver.

There are many variations of the Remington 700. The bolt body has 2 lugs that are symmetrical and a diameter that is 17.65 millimeters. The lock time of the long action is approximately 3.2 milliseconds.

Different magazine configurations can be added to the Remington 700. You can add a blind magazine (which is a magazine without a floorplate), a detachable box magazine, or a standard magazine that does have a floorplate. Some versions are made for consumer use while others are made for police and military use. In some versions, there will be accessories like bipods and slings included with them.

Standard Model 700 Variants

One Remington variant of the Model 700 is their Mountain LSS model. This contains a barrel made from stainless steel and a stock that is laminated. Another variant is the Remington 700 SPS Varmint which contains a heavy barrel and laminated stock. This model is made specifically for hunting varmint. For a while, the most affordable 700 model was the 700 ADL, but this would eventually get replaced by the Model 700 Special Purpose Synthetic (SPS).

Since 1996, the Remington 700 ML rifle has been produced. This is a rifle which gets loaded at the muzzle. In 2000, the Remington 700 EtronX had the electronic primer ignition system built into it. However, this model and the EtronX primers only lasted on the commercial market for 3 years before their production was stopped. The model was simply not a success.

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Best Remington 700 Bipods

Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod Quick Detach Bipod for Remington 700

There are plenty of stocks and adjustments you can make to a Remington 700, but those will only take you so far when you want precision and stability in your shots. That is why bipods are a popular attachment, especially when you’re lying on the ground or can’t get into a position where you can stand and shoot. A bipod goes on the bottom of the Remington 700 and features two legs which stand it up on the surface that you’re on. Let’s take a look at a few recommended bipods for the Remington 700.

The Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod is an aluminum bipod that is lightweight while still maintaining its durability with its stainless-steel components. The legs are independently adjustable to five different leg positions. The legs can also be extended from a length of five inches to a length of nine inches. The front-to-back adjustment can be done up to 180° while having the ability to pan to the left or right at 30° in each direction. The cant adjustment is also 30° which makes it perfect for shooting on terrains that are uneven and rough.

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4 Best Remington 700 Triggers: Jewell HVR, Timney Calvin Elite, Shilen Trigger

Timney Calvin Elite Trigger

Owners of the Remington 700 don’t usually think too much about the trigger quality of their weapon. They just figure you pull back on the trigger and the rifle fires with nothing more to it than that. The truth is there are good triggers and bad triggers which can make the difference in how difficult it is to shoot the weapon. The Remington 700 has three trigger options which you should consider for your weapon. They are the Jewell HVR Trigger, Timney Calvin Elite Trigger, and the Shilen Trigger. Although a more expensive replacement trigger upgrade won’t enhance your skills as a shooter, it will give you the ability to hit your target without any limitations from the weapon itself.

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Remington 700 Owner’s Manual Download (PDF)

Remington 700 Owner's Manual Download (PDF)

The Remington 700 owner’s manual contains all the information you’d ever want to know about the Remington 700 rifle. If you purchased a Remington 700 rifle new, then it should have come with an owner’s manual in paper format. But if you don’t have the manual for whatever reason, you can download the digital version from the Remington website or using the link in the end of this post. It comes in a PDF file which you can read for free with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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5 Best Remington 700 Chassis: Modular Driven Technologies, JP, Accuracy International, Masterpiece Arms, Kinetic Research Group

Kinetic Research Group Remington 700 X-Ray Chassis

Remington 700 history

In 1962, Remington Arms began manufacturing their bolt-action rifle series known as the Remington 700. Each rifle of this series uses a similar centerfire bolt action function. Depending on the caliber of the rifle, its internal magazine will usually have a capacity of either 3 rounds, 4 rounds, or 5 rounds. Some versions even have a floor plate (BDL version) which allows you to unload the ammunition from the bottom by a hinged door. If there is no floor plate installed (BDL version), then it is considered a “blind” unloading. You can turn an ADL into a BDL with a floor plate kit and a stock.

When you place your order for the rifle, you can have a detachable box magazine included with it. There are a variety of different assembly options available when you purchase the Remington 700 model. These differences pertain to its stock, caliber configuration, and barrel type. The rifle model is an expansion of the Remington 722 and Remington 721 models. These were first sold to the public in 1948.

This is one of the best bolt-action rifles ever. It is made in the United States with great pride. The Remington 700 models have been the most popular bolt-action rifles for more than 50 years. No other bolt-action rifle has generated more sales than the 700 series.

The receiver of the Model 700 has 3 steel rings which are quite known for their strength. It also includes a hammer forged barrel. This combination of components makes the Model 700 a superior bolt-action rifle amongst all the rest. This is the reason why elite snipers in the military choose to use the Model 700. It provides the kind of precision needed in a tactical operation. But even if you’re just hunting game in the woods, you can still take advantage of the accuracy that this weapon provides.

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