The XS Sights DX Standard Dot is a front sight which you can add to your Remington or Benelli M2 or Benelli Supernova vent-ribbed shotgun. In addition, you will get a set of three rear sights which have white vertical stripes. Each rear sight has a different height, so choose the best one that accommodates your specific needs. The purpose of the rear sight is so you can align your weapon with the target more precisely. With both sights attached to your vent-ribbed shotgun, you can accurately aim at your target and hit it successfully.

It makes life of a new shooter easier. Some shooters find it difficult to aim with front sight only. Most of the shotguns have on the front sight and rear sight looks like a very intresting addition. But it will require gunsmithing. You need to have a dove tail to install rear sight on your ventilated rib barrel.