Tritium Sights for Remington 870: Ameriglo, Truglo, Trijicon

Remington 870 shotgun owners depend on having quality sights on their barrels. For the Remington 870, you will want to get Tritium sights for your weapon. These particular sights glow in the dark which makes them perfect for all kinds of outdoor environments where you might have limited lighting. These sights are also very sturdy and made of the highest quality material. Ameriglo sights are also neat glow in the dark sights which come in a variety of colors such as yellow and green. So if you are a nighttime hunter, then these glow in the dark sights will be right up your alley. Just be careful what you are shooting at because this glow does not cast a light like a flashlight does. You will still have to be able to see your target. These sights just make sure you know which direction your barrel is pointed at when you aim in the dark.

XS Remington 870 Pedestal Big Dot Tritium Sight
XS Remington 870 Pedestal Big Dot Tritium Sight

Vang Comp Systems has a line of ghost ring sights available which can serve this exact purpose. This is a front sight that has solid steel side guards with a white dot in the middle. The idea is that you align your target with the white dot when you aim.

Of course, you may be an old school shotgun owner who likes to use bead sights instead of this fancier ghost sight stuff. There is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition by purchasing big bead sights for the front barrel of your Remington 870. But if you want to upgrade just a little bit then think about getting light gathering colored or Tritium beads.

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XS Remington 870 Pedestal Big Dot Tritium Sight

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