Remington introduced new line of Remington 870s with detachable magazines… What do you think about them?

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Remington 870 DM
Remington 870 DM

The Remington 870 DM is a pump-action shotgun which has the quickest loading speed that you will ever experience. This shotgun incorporates a magazine system into its structure which can hold detachable magazines of either a 6-round capacity or 3-round capacity. There has never been a pump-action shotgun that responds so quickly. That is why if you’re looking for a home defense shotgun that is fast and reliable, then the Remington 870 DM is the best choice.

The Remington 870 DM is a black 12-gauge tactical shotgun with a front bead sight, a “Supercell” recoil pad on its synthetic stock, a tactical fore-end, and an 18.5-inch long barrel with a cylinder bore. Ghost ring sights available on Remington 870 DM Tactical / Predator (81354), Remington 870 DM Magpul (81352) and Remington 870 DM Tactical (81360) versions.

The receiver is made of steel which gives it the added strength and durability you would expect in your shotgun. The magazine system helps keep the cycling of the ammunition consistent so there is less of a chance of jams or problems firing the weapon.

The synthetic stock material was made specifically to help users get a firm grip on their shotgun. This comes in handy in case your hands are sweaty or there is a lot of rain pouring down outside while you’re actively using the weapon. As for the “Supercell” recoil pad attached to the stock, this helps reduce the recoil that you feel from each shot. That way, you can keep your weapon steady and secured while taking aim at your target. With the stock and barrel included, the total length of the weapon is 38.5 inches. The length of pull is 14 inches. There are also other stock available: Magpul, Speedfeed and pistol grip only.

The receiver of the shotgun has a matte blue finish and has been re-engineered to become a fast magazine feeding system. You just attach a magazine to the bottom of the receiver and pump each shot with total ease. When you run out of ammunition, you can easily detach the magazine from your weapon and then attach a new one without any problems. Your Remington 870 DM will come with a 6-round magazine, but you can also purchase separate 6-round or 3-round magazines to stash in your inventory.

The price of the Remington 870 DM is $529.00. This is a rather new weapon from Remington, so you won’t find too many sporting goods stores and websites which sell it. But you should keep checking back on the Remington website to find out more information about when it’s going to be released.

Remington 870 DM (81350)

6 Round Detachable Magazine
Black Synthetic Stock with Super Cell Recoil Pad
Tactical “Corn Cob” Forend
18.5 Inch Fixed Cylinder Bore Barrel
MSRP – $529.00

Remington 870 DM (81350)
Remington 870 DM (81350)

Remington 870 DM Tactical / Predator (81354)

3 and 6 Round Detachable Magazines
Over Molded ShurShot Thumbhole Stock with Super Cell Recoil Pad
Tactical “Corn Cob” Fore-end
18.5 Inch Rem Choke Barrel with two Trulock Extended Chokes (Boar Blaster and Turkey /Predator)
XS Steel Front Sight, XS Tactical Rail/Ghost Ring Rear Sight
Kryptek Highlander Camo
MSRP – $799.00

Remington 870 DM Tactical / Predator (81354)
Remington 870 DM Tactical / Predator (81354)

Remington 870 DM Magpul (81352)

6 Round Detachable Magazine
Magpul SGA Stock with Super Cell Recoil Pad
Magpul MOE M-LOK Forend
18.5 Inch Rem Choke Barrel with Extended Ported Tactical Choke
XS Steel Front Sight, XS Tactical Rail/Ghost Ring Rear Sight
MSRP – $799.00

Remington 870 DM Magpul (81352)
Remington 870 DM Magpul (81352)

Remington 870 DM Tactical (81360)

Remington 870 DM Tactical (81360)
Remington 870 DM Tactical (81360)

6 Round Detachable Magazine
Pistol Grip Buttstock and Tactical “Corn Cob” Fore-end
18.5 Inch barrel with Extended Ported Tactical Choke
XS Steel Front Sight, XS Tactical Rail/Ghost Ring Rear Sight
MSRP – $799

Remington 870 DM Hardwood (81351)

6 Round Detachable Magazine
Hardwood Stock and Fore-end
18.5 Inch Cylinder Bore Barrel
Bead Sight
MSRP – $529

Remington 870 DM Hardwood (81351)
Remington 870 DM Hardwood (81351)

Remington 870 DM Tac-14 (81348)

Remington 870 DM Tac-14 (81348)
Remington 870 DM Tac-14 (81348)

6 Round Detachable Magazine
Shockwave Grip and Magpul Fore-end
14 Inch Cylinder Bore barrel
Bead Sight
MSRP – $559

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  1. what if anything is in the pump tube? Does it also hold shells as on the regular 870?

  2. That’s the most stupid thing ever.And every yahoo will buy the over priced crap

  3. I have had the 870 for many years with the “Davis” Speed feed buttstock.
    I don’t see the DM having an advantage over cancelling out the clunkiness of carry/stow over the real 870.
    I carry a selection of additional 12 Ga. Rds on my person for the rare “Special” situations.
    To me it only makes a more expensive answer to a non-question.
    I see this in a scabbard stowage hinderance as well as an elbow banging sling carry.
    Not saying it won’t sell but, for me it’s a like a horse saddle built for two.

    1. Lucas Rice

      If you’re banging this off of your elbow you don’t know how to use a sling, and if you’re using a scabbard you have other problems friend.

    2. Hachiman

      I’ve been an 870 man since I saved my money for my 1st gun in 1980. I bought the DM when it 1st came out, & I love it! Of course I decked out my 1st 1 with an extended mag tube to hold 8rds, so I’m still wishing for an 8 or 10 rd mag for my DM(hear that Remington?).

      M-14 mag pouches fit the mags perfectly

  4. Remington I think you guys have out done yourselves. I only have one question, Are you going to make the magazine feed available for all 870 ‘models to be modified or converted.

  5. Finally!
    After the rest of the World has tactically passed Remington by with detachable magazines, they see the light!
    Now, what would put them above the rest, would be to offer a double stack mag. (I’d like to see a 10 round)
    Also, offer this mag well system to the public for the 7600, instead of the separate model 7615 police.
    Really cool to see, thanks Vitaly.

    1. Dean gullberry

      Msrp of $99.99 for the 6 rounder, $79.99 for the 3. Hopefully magpul will step in soon and offer something affordable.

    2. Dean gullberry

      The 6 round is msrp of $99.99 and $79.99 for the three rounder. Hopefully magpul will come up with something affordable.

  6. William Snead

    There’s a contest that has a Remington 870 DM with a 12 round magazine! Why can’t I find any 12 round 3 inch mags for this weapon even though the contest specifically advertises them?

  7. I just bought mine ( today ) Who sells the mags?? How much do they cost?? I saw here on this site $ 90.00 plus.

  8. Khansell

    Where are the spare magazines for sale. My google skills are failing me.

  9. Matthew Foster

    I can’t find these mags anywhere, other than the 3rd ones. Lets be real, that is a waste.

    1. Hachiman

      I’ve been searching the web, and you’re right, they’re out of stock everywhere. And with Cuomo shutting down the Remington plant in New York state, don’t expect them to be back in stock anytime soon. Sorry.

      I was lucky, Midway USA had them on sale for just a little over half price a while back. I bought a bunch of them.

  10. William Snead

    Remington still hasn’t fixed the 2 3/4 to 3 inches also it’s been 3 years almost and no 12 round magazines or even a drum magazine? WTF

    1. Hachiman

      Remington said they have no plans to introduce higher capacity mags. I actually figured that some enterprizing company would have introduced aftermarket mags by now.

      You might be able to modify a magazine for another shotgun. I’ve thought about taking the top part of the 870DM mag and putting it on the bottom part of a 10 rd ProMag magazine for the MKA 1919. Using the spring from the 10rd mag and the follower from the 870DM mag. Don’t know if it will work, just something I’ve considered trying.

    2. After owning Remingtons for over a decade, as I was drawn in, due to the 870’s reputation,
      I currently find that this company will never live up to that by gone time of quality craftsmanship.
      My 870 express 7+1 is not dependable, as it has compounded failure to feed issues.
      I’ve exhausted way too much time. effort, and money on new parts, realizing that even a positive outcome will not be worth it.
      I’ll be moving on to a KSG-25 for all my SG needs, as it is far superior in every way.
      Maybe if Remington ran their company, with as much pride as Vitaly runs this site, it would have products worth bragging about?
      I would have to conclude by saying; Only Old Remington are Good Remingtons.
      And William; Take the time to use diligence in exploring your SG options.

  11. Charles f Prowse

    I love all of my 870s but this one is my favorite and my worst. Doesn’t do me any good when all magazines have been sold out everywhere for the last year that I’ve had it. I have looked and looked, added my name to notify when in stock list after list and nothing. WTF??? Nobody is even making aftermarket mags. So here I have this great shot gun with only the one mag it came with which completely defeats the entire purpose of having a magazine to begin with. Why does Remington not have the magazines? No other stores have them either…If anyone has info on where I can find 6 round mags I only need a few. Thanks.

    1. Ken Hansell

      I bought one last fall from midway but I’ll bet with the chaos they are hard to find. Shotguns are a great newbie home defense weapon so they may have gotten gobbled up.

      1. Hachiman

        Yeah, they’re definitely hard to find now that Cuomo shut down the Remington plant in NY state.

        I’ve been trying to find an extra one since early in March. No luck.

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