What is the Remington 870 DM?

It is interesting that semi-automatic shotguns with detachable box magazines are quite common (Vepr-12, Fostech Origin 12, Saiga-12), even though they are rare options for pump-action shotguns. There are several shotgun models available, such as the Remington 870 DM (USA), Mossberg 590M (USA) and Hatsan Raider (Turkey). Remington even had a pump rifle (Remington 7600), which was designed to accept ordinary AR-15 magazines, before they designed the Remington 870 DM.

The Remington 870 DM, where DM stands for “Detachable Magazines,” is a new version of the good old Remington 870 pump shotgun. Please note that it has a detachable magazine which enables the operator to load their shotgun fast.

Remington made some changes to the 870 platform:
-Added a magwell.
-Modified the super magnum bolt.
-Modified the trigger group.
-The tubular magazine tube is not functional, and it works a guide for the slide.
-Designed 3 and 6-round removable box magazine

The interesting thing is that the Remington 870 DM comes with a super magnum bolt and a regular barrel with a 3-inch chamber.

According to Remington, they fired 100,000 rounds to test the new version, and it works perfectly. The new shotgun looks like a completely finished product with the same quality that Remington is known for.

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Remington introduced new line of Remington 870s with detachable magazines… What do you think about them?

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