Remington Express Buckshot (2 3/4″ #00) Review

Remington 870 shotguns are used for a variety of purposes such as hunting and home defense. The only problem novices seem to have is choosing the right ammunition to use with their shotgun. If you’re shooting birds, then you probably think of birdshot because the word “bird” is in the name. If you want to hunt deer, then you probably figure slugs are the best. But there is a third option called “buckshot” that is shotshell which can be used for hunting and home defense.

Remington Buckshot
Remington Buckshot

Buckshot contains bigger pellets inside the shotshells than the birdshot shotshells. Because the pellets are bigger, they can do a lot more damage to the target. If you were to shoot buckshot at a bird, then you’d blow it into smithereens.

Remington buckshot is very good ammunition which you can use for home defense or hunting. I would recommed getting low recoil buckshot for home defense but this ammo can also be used for home defense.

The pattern is tight and predictable. I have fired about 50 rounds on targets and results were very similar. Buckshot from other manufacturers has unpredictable pattern when one or two pellets are far from the main group. But Remington buckshot has very good and stable results.

I have tested Remington Express Buckshot with 2 3/4″ shotshell and #00 buckshot with Improved Cylinder:

3 inches Remington Express Buckshot Pattern on 5 feet:

3 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 5 feet:
3 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 5 feet:

4.5 inches Remington Express Buckshot Pattern on 10 feet:

4.5 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 10 feet:
4.5 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 10 feet:

9 inches Remington Express Buckshot Pattern on 15 feet:

9 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 15 feet:
9 inches Remington Buckshot Pattern on 15 feet:

Remington Express Buckshot ammunition for a 12-gauge shotgun can be purchased at most online sporting goods stores. If you were to purchase a box of 100 buckshot shells, it would cost you around $0.90 per shell or $89.99 for the box. Each shell is 2 ¾ inches in length and contains 9 pellets inside of it. These pellets are made out of lead and their muzzle velocity should be about 1,325 feet per second. You will get tight patterns that are even with each shot that you take with this ammunition. The shot column has heavy cushioning as well as a granulated polymer-made buffer that is behind it to give you these even patterns.

If you are allowed to hunt deer with buckshot in your area, then this ammo is perfect for you. In addition, you could also use buckshot as an ammunition for home defense. The great thing about buckshot that is fired on a human is that it will 100% guaranteed to stop them. Each buckshot pellet has energy of a handgun bullet.

Good bucksot with accurate and stable pattern. The recoil is not soft but still pretty comfortable. I can recommend this ammo.

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Recommended Product:
Remington Express Buckshot (2 3/4" #00)
Remington Express Buckshot (2 3/4″ #00)
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