Remington 870 Prices – How Much Have You Paid for Yours?

The Remington 870 is one of the most popular shotguns on the market today. The average Remington 870 Express sells for a retail price of $349.99. The Remington Model 870 Express is one of the most affordable shotguns of the Remington 870 series. At $349.99, you get a shotgun with a solid steel receiver, non-glare matte metal finish, twin action bars that are reliable, modified rem choke, ventilated rib with front bead sight. Now there are different chambers and gauges in the various Remington 870 Express shotguns, but they are generally still priced the same. Whether you purchase a 12 gauge with a 3 inch chamber or a 20 gauge with a 2 ¾ inch chamber, it will still be $349.99.

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Remington 870 with Magpul Stock
Remington 870 with Magpul Stock

If you want to go with a more expensive shotgun then you can go with the Remington 870 Wingmaster, which is priced at $847.00. This beauty is made of custom crafted American walnut woodwork and has the same solid steel receiver. The Wingmaster model has been around for more than 60 years, but with many upgrades and advancements since it was first introduced. But it is the pump action shotgun that sets the standard for all other Remington pump action shotguns. You can purchase the Wingmaster in a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge, or even a 28 gauge.

If you go to the website you can easily find a Model 870 shotgun that suits your needs. All you have to do is click on Shotguns, Pump Action and then Model 870. From there you will be able to select the gauge, barrel length, barrel type, stock material, stock finish and any additional options you want to include with it. Based on the requirements you select, a list of shotguns that match those requirements will be listed if they exist. But it is safe to say that most of the prices will be under $900 and more than $300. If you are looking for a used Remington 870 then you could always try a gun show or local gun dealer. At the very least, you could purchase one from a private seller over the internet or through Craigslist for just a few hundred dollars. But make sure you do the transaction legally because gun sales are much more regulated now.

There are also custom Remington 870 shotguns with different finishes, upgrades and accessories.

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3 thoughts on “Remington 870 Prices – How Much Have You Paid for Yours?

  • 03.03.2021 at 17:54

    Hello. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2005 police issue 870 in walnut. I haven’t seen it yet but from my understanding very well taken care of. Approximately how much do you think it’s worth? I haven’t been given a price just yet. Doing my research. Thank you.

    • 04.03.2021 at 11:34

      The current price of Remington 870 Police is abount $750. It could be found cheaper before panic buying.

      • 04.03.2021 at 14:30

        Yes but how about for a 2005 used model?


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