This Remington 870 Parts List and Schematic will be regularly updated with new parts.

Remington 870 Parts List and Schematics

Remington 870 Parts List and Schematics

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Links from the table lead to the Brownells site where I buy all parts for my 870. You can also use official Remington site.

View # Part Name Remington
Part Number
View # Part Name Remington
Part Number

NOTE: 12 Ga. Express Listed Below

  37 Locking Block Assembly
Locking Block Assembly (Oversize)
Locking Block Retainer
1 Action Bar Lock   39 Magazine Cap F104410
2 Action Bar Lock Spring   40 Magazine Cap Detent F17451
NOTE: All barrels (same gauge) are
interchangeable without adjustment.
  41 Magazine Cap Detent Spring  
3 Barrel   42 Magazine Follower  
4 Breech Bolt
Breech Bolt Assembly
  43 Magazine Plug, 3-Shot 19451
7 Carrier
Carrier Assembly
  44 Magazine Spring  
8 Carrier Dog F15480 45 Magazine Spring Retainer  
9 Carrier Dog Follower F17416 46 Receiver Assembly (Restricted)  
10 Carrier Dog Follower Spring F17415 47 Receiver Stud F18551
11 Carrier Dog Pin F18781 47b Recoil Pad Screw  
12 Carrier Dog Washer F18760 48 Safety Switch Button  
13 Carrier Pivot Tube   49 Safety Mechanism Detent Ball F23223
14 Connector, Left   50 Safety Mechanism Spring F17514
15 Connector, Right   51 Safety Mechanism Spring Retaining Pin F17515
16 Connector Pin   52 Sear F405240
17 Ejector F99539 53 Sear Pin F17463
18 Ejector Rivet, Front F18646


Regular Sear Spring
Light Sear Spring
Heavy Sear Spring (Police)


19 Ejector Rivet, Rear F18647 55 Shell Latch, Left  
20 Ejector Spring F18855 56 Shell Latch, Right  

Non-MIM Extractor
Volquartsen Extractor

  57 Slide Assembly  
22 Extractor Plunger F17432 58 Stock Assembly  
23 Extractor Spring F17433 59 Stock Bearing Plate  
24 Firing Pin   60 Stock Bolt  
25 Firing Pin Retaining Pin   61 Stock Bolt Lock Washer F18572
26 Firing Pin Retractor Spring F93505 62 Stock Bolt Washer F201621
27 Fore-end Assembly   63 Trigger Assembly  
28 Fore-end Tube Assembly   64 Trigger Pin F17533
29 Fore-end Tube Nut   65 Trigger Plate Assembly, Police, Parkerized F102203
30 Front Sight   66 Trigger Plate Pin, Front  
33 Hammer   67 Trigger Plate Pin, Rear  
Hammer Pin
Hammer Pin Washer
68 Trigger Plate Pin Bushing, Rear F17541
35 Hammer Plunger F17465 69 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Front  
36 Hammer Spring F19014 70 Trigger Plate Pin Detent Spring, Rear