Unusual Malfunction on Semiauto Shotgun

I must share this photo:

Unusual Malfunction on Semiauto Shotgun
Unusual Malfunction on Semiauto Shotgun

Primer fell off and blocked the fired shell. Shooter used reloaded ammunition. That is why you need to be careful when you reload your shotgun ammunition. I am not sure what was the problem but it happened several times. Maybe it was problem with primers, maybe too much powder.

That is why I love pump action shotguns, they are more reliable.


  1. Loose primers can occur with reloaded shotshells, as the hulls’ primer pockets tend to loosen up with each firing. Some hulls are better about this than others; quality hulls tend to hold primers better, while cheaper hulls may need their primer pockets reconditioned after a few firings. Those cheaper hulls tend to have other issues if loaded multiple times however, so it’s often best to just toss them after reloading them once or twice – especially when you need your ammo to be 100% reliable.

    Another possibility is that whoever reloaded the shotshells substituted the wrong primer. This is a bad idea since different primers can change pressures unpredictably, but primers can also vary slightly in dimensions. Some hulls are sized for Metric primers, and if they’re reloaded with US primers without adjusting the primer pocket first, the primer may not fit very tightly.

  2. tony porta

    What would cause auto shotgun not to eject empty shell case? This question is for a family member. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you all, Tony

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