Common Problem of Fabarm Shotguns: Broken Firing Pin

Off-topic today. Here is what happened to Fabarm shotgun of one of the shooters on recent training:

Fabarm Shotgun: Broken Firing Pin
Fabarm Shotgun: Broken Firing Pin

Broken firing pin is very common problem of Fabarm shotguns.


  1. SteelRingin'

    1200+ rds and thousands more dry-fires through my Fabarm Martial and I haven’t had any problems. That being said, this is a good reminder to pick up a spare parts kit.

  2. hint – hatsan escort parts are mostly interchangeable with older fabarm pump models, as the hatsan is a copy. the firing pin and other parts work fine.i know i have a hatsan firing pin in my fabarm pump right now!

  3. What type of shotgun did this firing pin come off of and where can I buy it

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