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I have a 870 Super Magnum. 5 years ago it jammed and stopped working…while hunting one day. I took it apart once I got out of the field and put it away. Purchased a new 870 and kept hunting…

Now I am trying to get the old one back in working order. I have re-assembled it and it seems to work fine…but it appears there is something missing (see the photo) behind the bolt. There is a gap I dont remember in the past…lol.

I spoke with a local gunsmith and they said its safe to shoot.

Can anyone tell me what…if anything…is missing?



It doesn’t look like anything is missing, but your port cover – the metal piece attached to the rear of your breech bolt – is jammed in the forward position. When the action is closed, the port cover should slide back under spring pressure and cover the rear portion of the enlarged super magnum ejection port.

Remington 870 Super Magnum
Remington 870 Super Magnum

Your port cover may be bent or misaligned, or perhaps its spring is damaged. The gun should be fully functional without the port cover if you end up having to order and wait for replacements, but obviously that opening will let debris or foreign matter fall right into the trigger plate assembly, so I’d stick to fair-weather range shooting until you get the cover fixed.


  1. ive noticed that he has a scratch on his port cover, i also have one in the exact same position after realizing my port cover was dislodged and fell into the receiver. what is the meaning of this scratch? ive notice my port cover is disfigured slightly too and may the source of both of our malfunctions. if anyone knows answers to both of my questions write to

  2. Your hammer is locked forward by the bold. Slide it forward with your finger or screwdriver and let the hammer fall back then re-cock it. Load it up and have fun… ps . Don’t dry fire it when u take it apart .

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