Remington 870 Photo Contest: 870 Express Super Mag

New photo for Remington 870 Photo Contest:

I would like to add my 870 to the photo contest. It is a 870 Express Super Mag with most of its mods that are sadly hard to see in the picture. I’ve done a full trigger job following the AGI Armorer’s Course video and polished the whole mechanism until everything is now extremely smooth. I installed a non mim extractor, upgraded the Carrier Dog Spring , replaced the safety button for an oversize from S&J Hardware, replaced the Mag Follower for a non-jam from S&J Hardware and added the new MK2 +1 mag tube extension and a spring from S&J Hardware. Finally I changed the Stock and the Forend for a Ghillie Green Hogue Overmold which the color does not seems to be very common on internet pictures.

I could have added a lot more stuff on it but I don’t find many gadgets on the market to keep the whole essence of a Remington 870. I use it to hunt deer with the 20 inch rifled barrel on the picture, duck and snow goose with a 26 inch regular barrel and sometimes practice IPSC drills with it. It is extremely versatile and I’m never afraid of breaking it.

Remington 870 Express Super Mag
Remington 870 Express Super Mag


Remington Trigger Pins
Remington Follower, Alum, Green, 12 Ga.
Remington Follower, Alum, Red, 12 Ga.
Remington Follower, SS, Natural, 12 Ga.
Carrier Pivot Slave Pin
4-in-1, 870/1100 Screwdriver Combo
Pin Pusher

I have tried a few different slings for my Rem 870 20 gauge and I’m happy to have found the Super Sling 2+ by Talon. The major advantages are the thumb loop which allows for one hand adjustment, the quick release and the quality nylon it’s made out of.

The sling adjusts easily to extend or shorten to your desired length. I have not had any slip ups from it either. The thumb loop fits comfortably when wearing the 870 and helps in adjusting as well.
The Talon swivels look and function excellent. You can quickly release the sling if you need to but they will not come unlatched unless you want them to.

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