One more entry for the Remington 870 Accessories and Upgrades Contest. This time from Ryan:

Remington 870 with Magpul Furniture and Eotech Holographic Sight
Remington 870 with Magpul Furniture and Eotech Holographic Sight

It was a stock 870 when I bought it. Smooth bore 20″ barrel. I wanted to make it more tactical for home defense purposes. I chose a 20″ barrel over an 18.5″ barrel because I will also be using this gun to hunt deer and would like a little more accuracy while hunting.

I replaced the wood stock and fore end with a Magpul stock and fore end. The only other mod I still want to do is a magazine extension tube.

Cost me $340 stock and about another $200 for the mods.

Recommended Product:
Remington 870 SGA Stock Set
Remington 870 SGA Stock Set
You can get Remington 870 SGA Stock Set on Brownells

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  1. RavenMedic

    I’m pretty sure that EoTec was more than $200, I want one for me 870 Exp. Tactical but the cost is nearly as much if not more than the gun itself… The MagPul furniture is great, I’m looking at them for a replacement stock… All in all it looks good.

    1. I agree, price of new EoTech is higher… but you can always find used in good condition :)

      I have tested Magul furniture and really liked, what is good is that you can have longer/shorter LOP, cheek, sling attachment etc. Very good and rock solid design.

  2. I’m getting a little confused about this contest. The original description posted here on the site seemed to be asking for detailed reviews of specific upgrades or accessory products; but most of the entries I’ve seen posted on the blog so far feature complete shotgun builds instead. If I’m misunderstanding this, I’d like to know before I put further work into my entries.

    1. Synchronizor, some of the entries are very short, I agree. But I think the more entries we have the better. But, the Bullpup conversion kit review is very broad and detailed.

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