Proper Length of Pull is critical for comfortable use of your shotgun.

Specifications and Description
• Allows you to adjust to three different lengths
• Screws and spacers are included

Remington Length of Pull Spacer Kit

Remington Length of Pull Spacer Kit

Remington Length of Pull Spacer Kit

Remington Length of Pull Spacer Kit

Installation is straightforward and only takes several minutes to accomplish. Because the Remington Length of Pull Spacer Kit gives you, three different settings you can adjust quite easily to body armor and bulky clothing.

It is recommended that you carry the various tools needed (Phillips head and/or flat head screwdriver) to make the adjustments so if you are at a firing range you can adjust as you remove armor or clothing.

Remington (LOP) Length of Pull Spacer Kit is ideal to adjust youth shotguns as the shooter develops. In the past, the only option was to take the shotgun to a gunsmith and have a custom stock fitted. You can purchase adjustable stocks but there is a of course an additional expense in purchasing custom/adjustable stocks.

Even once you have a custom stock fitted, you still have to account for changes in your body, if you wear armor and for heavy clothing for cold weather shooting.

Once installed the spacer kit looks like it belongs there and does not make it obvious that it is an add on. The spacers allow for a 1″, ½” and ¼” adjustments for precise fitting. As your situation changes you, can add or remove spacers to suit your particular needs.

Having the correct length of pull is important for accurate shooting. If the pull is, too short it is difficult to stabilize the weapon because your weak arm at the elbow is positioned wrong to accommodate for the short pull.

Having too long of pull according to some shooters means the stock is catching under the arm or even body armor as you raise the weapon because your trigger finger is naturally seeking the trigger guard. You do not move your finger to accommodate so you are left to try to fit the stock to your shoulder, which is cumbersome when the pull is too long. Too short of a pull to some means, you feel the recoil more.

Some shooters like to measure the distance between thumb and nose when in a firing position. They do not measure the actual pull but through experience realize it does not matter as long as the thumb and nose are between one and two fingers apart. The two fingers measurement allows for bulky clothing.

Have a friend measure the distance for you as you are in the shooting position. Two inches is generally considered a rough starting point and may be the correct length between thumb and nose for many shooters that range in height from 5’8″ to 5’10”.

Once you have this measurement taken, add or remove spacers from the Remington (LOP) Length of Pull Spacer Kit to get the precise pull lenght needed. You also have to consider sight picture because that will change depending on the length of pull as well. Straining down the barrel to sight because the pull is too long makes for poor shooting, and a short pull will force your neck into a very uncomfortable position, which will again affect your sight picture.

Proper length of pull is very important and Remington offers special kit which enables you to change lengths of pull if needed.

So, if you have long arms, you can easily make stock longer. Remington (LOP) Length of Pull Spacer Kit is a useful and inexpensive upgrade.