The XS sight system fits the Remington Pedestal model with a stepped bottom. Also fits Remington shotgun barrels with a front sight pedestal, vent rib models with a flat bottom and ones with ventilated ribs. The sights are designed to fit over existing bead sights from .125 to .140-inch diameters. The sights come with an adhesive that is used to fill in the gaps and to secure the sight to the barrel. The adhesive must fully cure before the shotgun is handled.

XS Sight Systems Shotgun Big Dot Tritium Front Sight Review

XS Sight Systems Shotgun Big Dot Tritium Front Sight Review

The manufactures states that some barrels may require drilling and tapping of existing holes. Some who have purchased the XS sight system indicate they had problems with the glue setting up. Manufactures states that you must follow the directions carefully when applying the glue and there are steps that must be taken to ensure the adhesive cures properly.

The XS sight system enhances bead visibility in daylight and shooters have stated that the bead is easily seen in the dark. People that have bought the sight system use their shotguns for hunting, home defense/tactical and target practice.

The sights are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and good value and tough.

Hunters can see the green glow of the bead even in complete darkness. However, artificial or ambient lighting from a full moon may make the bead less obvious. The XS sight system is ideal for hunters who find themselves in heavily forested areas that even in the daytime have little light. The bead sight as stated by some can be seen even in direct sunlight thanks to the white ring around Tritium element.

Some shooters today still blacken their front sights with soot or special blackening so the reflection from the sun does not interfere with their aim. The XS Big Dot Tritium Front Sight does away with the need for sight blackening. Overall, the XS system gives a shooter an improved sight picture, and allows some shooter to achieve their natural point of aim more easily.

In years past, the front bead was all a shooter had and in some cases, there was not a bead at all. The sight picture is critical when hunting or shooting trap or skeet. Experienced hunters know that the eye can only focus on one thing at a time, and you must be focused on the target and not the front bead. This means the front bead must register with the eyes so you can line it up with a moving or stationary target. The XS sight system allows your eyes to register the bead as your eyes focus on the target. You usually do not focus directly on the bead so it must be such that it registers with the eye.

Sighting with bead is similar to navigating a vehicle. You do not stare directly in front but down the road. You are aware of the hoods center, and fenders and know where they are positioned on the road. You know when you begin to drift without having to look at the hood. The same applies to using a bead sight and the XS sight systems certainly make a much better sight picture.

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XS Sight Systems Shotgun Big Dot Tritium Front Sight Review

XS Sight Systems Shotgun Big Dot Tritium Front Sight Review

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