Uncle Mike’s Quick Detachable Remington 870/870 Youth 12-Gauge External Ratchet Cap Set Sling Swivels replaces the cap that holds the barrel to the forearm and it has the wood screw for the butt if you do not already have a swivel attached. The installation in most cases, takes just a few minutes.

Manufacture’s Specifications:
• Conventional ball and detent lug system
• Magazine replacement cap with base that swivels
• Wood screw for butt stock swivel base includes Two Super Swivels

When attaching to the stock start the hole with a drill bit, because the wood screw is not self-tapping. Attempting without a starter hole can cause the screwdriver to slip damaging the stock or injuring your hand. Use painter’s tape to mark the spot and drill through the tape to help prevent damage to the stock. Use a punch to start the hole so the drill bit does not slip.

If your stock is synthetic or composite material, use a new drill bit for the starter hole to prevent splintering/chipping. Some drill bits come with a punch on the drill bit end to help start the bit without slipping otherwise use a very pointed hole punch to start the hole.

You must differentiate between a wooden stock and synthetic stock when ordering because it seems the screws will be different for a synthetic stock.

Product works fine, but some blog readers were confused about the title as it refers to the ratcheting operation of the new cap. There is it seems not a click to let you know how tight and a simple hand tightening is not sufficient to withstand the recoil. The cap is a smooth screw on and does not ratchet. It may require additional adjustment after firing. A wrench is required according to some to get the desired tightness. The manufacturer however does state that it is a ball and detent lug system. Some models of 870’s do ratchet down on the plug cap.

Uncle Mike’s Quick Detachable Remington 870/870 Youth 12-Gauge External Ratchet Cap Set fits the Remington 870 express full size as well as the youth size. Front metal loop when swiveling can make contact with the barrel and possible cause damage to the finish. However, once a sling is attached the position is such that it would not make contact with the barrel under normal conditions.

Anyone considering this product must understand that the cap is a replacement for a barrel that has the ball and detent. The barrel takes longer to change out but, most realize that barrel change outs are not normally time sensitive and the few extra minutes needed is not a deterrent. The reason is the cap cannot be removed by hand because of the smooth screw action needs a tool to tighten sufficiently thus, a tool is needed to remove.