Winter is Coming, Tactical Cold Weather Gear Review

I try to shoot on a range at leat one time a week. This enables me to support and improve my skills between competitions. Usually I shoot about 75-150 rounds of birdshot, 10-25 slugs and 10-25 rounds of buckshot. This is minimal amount.

Of course, I don’t stop training at winter but this becomes more challenging. That is why I decided to create a post about cold weather gear for those who will continue trainings in winter.

I am big fan of tactical brands but when it comes to gear selection – I am comparing specifications only. That is the best way to choose gear. That’s why I have selected Under Armour beanie and not 5.11 Tactial Series beanie. 5.11 offers standard fleece beanie and Under Armour offers beanie with advanced materials which keep you dry and warm.

Base Layer

Base layer is very important. I think that main mission of the base layer is to keep you dry and wick sweat away from your body. Men’s UA EVO ColdGear® Compression Leggings will keep you dry and warm.

Also, I recommend Men’s ColdGear® Longsleeve Compression Mock. It does the same thing and keeps you warm and dry.

I like fitted fit but if you want you can choose different model.

5.11 Men’s Stryke Tactical Pant with Flex

5.11 Men’s Stryke Tactical Pant with Flex are the best tactical pants you could find. I use them during all trainings and competitions. Poly cotton ripstop incorporates mechanical stretch yarns – that means that you can run, kneel and move much easier and faster. 5.11 Men’s Stryke Tactical Pant give you the comfort of standard sport pants.

5.11 Men’s Stryke Tactical Pant deserve full review and I will publish it soon.

Men’s Underarmour Thermal 2.0 Crew Shirt

Men’s Underarmour Thermal 2.0 Crew Shirt is second layer to keep you dry and warm. Very warm. It is good especially when wearing vest.

Men’s UA Wolfe Vest

Most shooters wear vests when it’s cold. Vests are much more better than jackets because they keep you warm but give your hands freedom of movement. Vest enables you to aim, shoot and manipulate your shotgun faster and with more comfort.

I use different vest but plan to upgrade to Under Armour this winter.

Under Armour Tactical Arctic Beanie

Big amount of total body heat can be lost through the head. That is why I strongly recommend to wear a beanie in winter. That will ensure that you will stay warm and dry and will not catch a cold.

I have chosen Under Armour Tactical Arctic Beanie in black color. It is very warm and also wicks sweat away to keep your head dry. Much better than standard fleece beanie. Highly recommended.


Gloves are must have for shooting in winter. I love my Camelbak Vent Gloves because they enable me to laod my shotgun fast but they are too light for winter.

The decision is simple I wear 2 pairs of gloves. I take off one pair when it is my turn to shoot and put them on when I’m finished.

You can choose Underarmour Jonsey Glove because it is easy to put them on on and take them off fast.


Socks work perfectly, they keep you warm and dry

What do you wear for the shooting range in winter? Please leave a comment.