This is small review of the Camelbak Vent shooting gloves. This glove is lightweight and breathable. I have tested Camelbak Vent and found out that this glove is much comfortable than any other gloves I used.

As a competitive shooter, I regularly visit shooting range to train with my shotgun. I do this two or three times a week and shoot about 125 rounds each training.

I always use shooting gloves because of the risk of scretches and small injuries. They are common thing especially during competitions when you shoot under stress. I was looking for shooting gloves that are durable, enable you to feel your firearm and also allow your hands to breath. I wear gloves for a long periods of time and breathability was very important.

Camelbak Vent Shooting/Tactical Gloves are the best summer shooting gloves that you can find. They are discontinued but I’ve found out that they were manufactured by Mechanix for Camelbak.

The model that is almost identical to the Camelbak Vent is Mechanix Vent. I really like Camelbak Original Vent shooting gloves, they enable me to feel a shotgun but they are also lightweight and breathable.

I dry fire a lot and glove start to wear and tear on a thumb of the left hand (because I prefer weak hand loading). But gloves are very durable and I think that they are the best summer shooting gloves.

I also tried Mechanix 0.5 high dexterity gloves but they are little smaller in size and I didn’t like them.

Mechanix Vent gloves are even better than Camelbak Vent because palm is also perforated and even more breathable.

Mechanix Vent Gloves

Mechanix Vent Gloves

I know shooters that prefer to shoot without gloves but if you like me then I highly recommend Mechanix Original Vent gloves! I use them for a long time and always was happy with quality and materials.

Camelbak Vent Gloves

Camelbak Vent Gloves

Good gloves are very important when you use a shotgun. Shotgun gets hot when you fire it and also has sharp edges. It is easy to grab a hot barrel or scratch your hand when your are under stress. You need to have a good grip to be able to load a shotgun quickly. Good gloves should fit tightly to allow you to hold and load shotgun shells comfortably.

Camelbak Vent allows you to handle a shotgun comfortably and for a long time. This glove has a vented air mesh top which transfers heat away from a hand allowing to wear it for hours.

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