RIO Royal Star Slug Review

If you are looking for accuracy in your shotgun slugs then you can’t go wrong with the Rio Royal Star Slug. With distances up to 100 yards away, you will be able to get good and stable results from firing your shotgun at a potential target. But what is really interesting about the Rio slug is that it uses a plastic wad and lead projectile to make its trajectories as accurate as they are. If you are a competitive shooter or merely a hunter who frequently fires their shotgun then you will want the very best slugs available. The Rio Royal Star Slug is top of the line and I recommended it for the Remington 870 shotgun.

There are two options available for the Rio Royal Star Slug that you have to choose from. You can purchase the standard Star Slug or the Low Recoil Star Slug. Both options add precision and accuracy when firing your shotgun. In situations where accuracy is a matter of life or death, you cannot go wrong with slugs that are as accurate and powerful as these are. As for the two options you have available, the only real difference between them is the velocity. The standard Star Slug can go 1410 feet per second while the Low Recoil Star Slug can travel 1200 feet per second. Even though both can travel about 65 yards, the low recoil will take just a little bit longer to get there. But since it is low recoil then you will have even more accuracy than the standard Star Slug. It will be just a tad less powerful that’s all. However, you won’t even notice the difference in power unless you are shooting targets which are far away from you. If you are only shooting at closer targets then it won’t make a difference which option of the Star Slug you use in your shotgun.

A box of five Rio Royal Star Slugs will run you about $7. You can purchase the boxes individual just to test the slugs out and see how great they are. Once you are ready to purchase more boxes, you can just purchase an entire case that has 250 rounds in it for roughly $160. For someone who does a lot of outdoor shooting, this will be worth the money.

RIO Royal Star Slug
RIO Royal Star Slug

The smokeless powder looks like bright green round granulas. This slug is called Brenneke slug:

RIO Royal Star Slug
RIO Royal Star Slug

Highly recommended ammunition for hunters or competitive shooters.

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