I have received new safety from S&J Hardware, it is more rounded and low profile. Previous model of safety for Remington 870 was the best on the market. This time it is even better. I really like that S&J enhances products and develops new upgraded versions.

Remington 870 Jumbo Safety from S&J Hardware is highly recommended! I use it personally and really like it.

S&J Remington 870 Safety
S&J Remington 870 Safety

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  1. Can you show a picture of the new one compared to the previous version? I have the previous version and it works great. Not sure why it needed to be revised. Any explanation given by S&J?

  2. Mark, previous version is fantastic and actually there is no need to change it. New safety button is more rounded and little shorter. I will have a picture posted tomorrow.

  3. The reason we made it a little shorter was that some people that used the knoxx stock, now called the blackhawk knoxx stock, we finding that that safety came to close the the stock when shot and ran a chance of the stock hitting the safety.
    This did not happen to anyone that we know of , but we did find that there were a wide range of quality control issues related to the knoxx stock .
    In short, when knoxx was sold to blackhawk and moved to china, the quality control went from bad to really bad and some of the stocks were coming in undersized, this ment the safety button may get bumped by the stock system as it recoiled.
    so we made the safety a little smaller.

  4. The potential for the recoil reducing Knoxx stock hitting my S&J safety button was one reason I purchased the non-recoil version of the Knoxx stock. I was always scared that the internal mechanism of the recoil reducing verison could fail under hard use and render the weapon useless at the worst possible moment. Also, can’t do all the things you can do with a fixed hard shotgun butt.

  5. Any suggestions on red paint for the safety that stays on even with cleaning solvents?

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