Left-handed people make up about 10 percent of the population. And many of them own Remington 870 :) A lot of lefties asked me about the left hand safety conversions for Remington 870.

I wasn’t able to find other left-hand buttons for Remington 870, so I ordered the Fortmann’s Left Hand Safety.

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When you want to replace the safety button of your Remington 870 you will want to install an oversized safety button. This will allow you to disengage the button more easily, especially if you are wearing gloves or are in a stressful situation where you may lack focus and concentration.

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Blown Barrel of a Shotgun (always check for obstructions!)

Blown Barrel of a Shotgun. First slug stuck in a barrel, second blown it out. Shooter wasn’t injured. Always check for obstructions if shooting sound or recoil seems weak!

Blown Barrel of a Shotgun
Blown Barrel of a Shotgun

It was shotgun made in Turkey but it can happen to Remington 870 too.

I care about gun safety and do all possible to make our community safer. You can download my FREE Gun Safety Guide in PDF format, as you know. But I understand that some people don’t have time to read books, so I wanted something simple that you can print out and give to newbies or friends.

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Manufactures’ Specifications/Description
• Compact and small sized stereo hearing protection
• Electronics built in
• Slim dome that amplifies audible sounds while virtually eliminating clearance problems from any gun stock
• Able to hear range commands and other normal conversations
• Suppresses hazardous noise above 79 dB
• NRR rating of 19 dB

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Vang Comp Systems Remington 870/1100/11-87 Big Speed Safety is a good product and I have heard positive feedback about it from many shooters. Due to many requests, I decided to make updated review.

There are two issues which can stop you from buying this safety button:
1. Sticks out too far.
3. Cannot be installed with Knoxx recoil reducing stocks.

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Remington 870 Tips & Tricks #6: Lock, Stock, & Barrel

New great video from Synchronizor:

While many aspects of responsible gun ownership focus on proper use of the gun, another key element is being able to prevent use of the gun by those who can’t be trusted with it.

In this video, I’ll be focusing on gun locks for the Remington 870. These are devices that attach to a firearm, rendering it incapable of firing. They will not prevent theft, and can certainly be defeated by a determined individual, so they’re not a replacement for a gun safe. However, they are inexpensive, portable, and generally effective in preventing easy access to a functioning firearm. There are always situations where any gun owner will need to be able to disable their firearms, and a gun safe may not always be affordable or available.

I’ll go over the capabilities and general philosophy of gun locks in firearm safety, and compare the characteristics of three different types: trigger blocks, action locks, and internal locks. I’ll show the devices I use for my 870 and other guns, and demonstrate some tricks I’ve come up with for increasing their effectiveness and adding safety or convenience.

Thanks to RomeoPapa for providing me with images of his ISS trigger assembly.

If you have any questions about this video, please ask. If you have some other preferred device or method for securing your firearms, please feel free to share it; I may well revisit this subject in the future. I’d also appreciate any comments on the format of this series; I’m still playing around with styles and programs, and I tried some new things in this video, so I’d love to hear feedback.

This continues my series of how-to videos with the Remington 870 shotgun. There are a number of other topics I have planned for future videos, but it’s a fluid list. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for video topics. If it’s something that I feel has already been thoroughly covered, I may point you elsewhere, but if it’s an interesting and feasible idea, I’ll add it to the list.

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Remington 870 Guide

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FREE Gun Safety Guide

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10 Tips to Building Tactical Remington 870 (Free eBook)

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