Shotgun Shooting Tips

Here are some tips which will help you in shotgun shooting:

  • Proper shooting stance. It is very important to train a proper shooting stance. Train it everyday when dry fire, this builds your muscle memory. Believe me, dry firing will improve your results dramatically.
    Shotgun Shooting Stance

    Shotgun Shooting Stance

  • Control your breath when shooting slugs. It is not that important when you shoot birdshots or buckshots.
  • Control your trigger finger. This is important when shooting slugs. Pull the trigger smoothly.
  • Don’t anticipate a recoil. This is very easy to test, ask your friend to load your shotgun with several rounds, one of them will be a dummy shell. If you are anticipating recoil you will notice how you push a shotgun forward when pulling the trigger and think that it is going to fire.
  • Keep both eyes open. This is very important. Using both eyes when aiming will give you better depth perception and a peripheral vision. This is very good habit for defensive shooting.
  • Choose a stock of a proper length.
  • Test the ammunition and find that one which works best with your shotgun.

Can you add any other shotgun shooting tips?

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